Write This Down… July’s Product of the Month proves pens still pack a punch

Ever heard the old adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword?” Totally true. Because we suspect the person who said it (English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton, FTW) was talking about July’s Product of the Month, this packs-a-serious-punch Full-Color Tri-Ad Pen.

There’s a reason we picked a pen – and a reason we picked this pen – to earn the “POTM” rank. Very simply, people love pens. Close to nine in 10 people have a pen, pencil or other writing instrument they’ve snagged from a company. And, because they’ll hang onto a promo pen or pencil for about nine months, expect to generate 3,000-plus impressions – that’s literally a fraction of a cent per set of eyeballs. And that’s hard to beat.

There’s power in the pen…
That is just the beginning of why we heart this pen. With three oversized panels, you can easily brand these portable premiums in a very big way. Add your logo, your message, your contact info or anything else you want to shout from the rooftops, and you’re good to print in full color.

And once these powerhouse pens arrive? Get to it. Hand out to your clients and customers, leave for employees, drop at trade shows, conferences and events and, really, anywhere a potential customer could be thinking, “if only I had a pen right now…” Boom – problem solved, your brand introduced and an amazing impression made.

Better still, because this is a triangular pen it totally bucks traditional and, yes, even starts conversations. Why not take advantage? Why not get customers buzzing about a pen? Because quickly enough that goodwill pen chatter will turn into, “what genius brand gave us this?”

Better branding – for less than a buck
Cue you, your genius colleagues and your genius value proposition. And because this pen clocks in at under $1, you’ll have plenty of promo budget left – or plenty of promo budget to keep printing three-sided pens.

Like we said before, pens pack a punch…period. Brand a seriously memorable piece – a pen that stands out and won’t roll away (ahem, it’s a triangle, after all) and you’ll stay top-of-mind with the customers and clients who matter most.

That, to us, is always a slam dunk. And that’s what the Full-Color Tri-Ad Pen provides. Order it, love it and be sure to keep a few for yourself – after all, you’ll have a ton of autographs to sign for being the promotional premium maven you are…

Get in touch to learn more about July’s Product of the Month.


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