5 Reasons Nothing Beats a Bento Box

You’ve no doubt seen bento lunch boxes kicking around your office kitchen – and with good cause. These boxes are small but mighty, packing a serious punch beyond just helping people get their favorite foods from point A to point B. Because, under the lid, these bento boxes are inspiring and facilitating healthy eats, while helping to save our planet.

Impressed yet?

That, though, is just the beginning when it comes to our mega-crush on these bento lunch boxes – and why our own branded Kyoto Bento Lunch Box is August’s Product of the Month. Dig in…

#1. Because people aren’t only putting cookies inside…

The biggest and arguably best benefit of these and other custom bento boxes? Let’s face it – your clients, employee or vendors aren’t going to fill every compartment with cookies (or mini candy bars or chips…they pick their poison).

Our Kyotobranded bento box has two compartments, other versions have multiple. Either way, the goal is to mix it up when it comes to a meal – toss in some good, some crave-worthy and some serious midday to ensure a balanced lunch on-the-go. And these bento boxes totally encourage lunch-packers to strike that balance and load up on the good stuff, while still saving a little room for something special.

#2. Because portions are auto-controlled

In that vein, bento boxes have built-in portion control. While it’s tempting to dump all of last night’s leftovers into a “go-to” to-go container, this bento box ensures there’s a limit to the lunchtime love. In this case, our August must-have can store 40 ounces. That’s plenty, especially for mixing and matching a meal.

#3. Because they’re saving MONEY

Packing their lunch, no doubt, can save some serious cash – assume around $1,500 per year minimum. But that number assumes some throw-aways – plastic utensils, for example, napkins, foil and disposable containers, for starters.

This branded bento box comes with everything needed to pack, lock and go, including a set of mini utensils that slip right in, then slide right out when mealtime rolls around. Kicking the foil, plastic wrap, toss-and-go utensils and other disposables to the curb will save even more – easily up to $25 or $30 per month. Tack that onto a $1,500 savings and it’s clear why these bento boxes are the way to go.

#4. And they’re saving the planet

Because they aren’t tossing out their lunchtime throw-a-ways every single day – they’re doing some serious environmental good. These bento boxes are top-rack dishwasher safe. At the end of the day, pop it in the dishwasher, rinse or wipe and its good to re-pack and re-use.

#5. Because they’re with them during their favorite time of day…

Let’s not forget the branding perspective. Every single day when your employees, clients, customers or vendors dig into their lunch, they’ll be reminded of you. That’s deliciously powerful.

Our custom branded bento boxes include a 2” x 2” imprint area on the top right panel. Screen print this section with your company name, logo or message – one color is standard, but you can integrate additional imprinting colors, as needed.

Watch as Laurie, our Senior Brand Manager, gives you an up-close look:

The next step? Place your bento box order. Back-to-school (and, let’s face it, back to life…) is just around the corner, and these lunchtime staples are the ultimate must.

Get in touch to learn more and get your branded bento box order in-motion.


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