The Iridescent Trend (And Picks You Won’t Want to Miss)

We’ll just say it: We called it.

Back in January, we rounded up our top emerging trends for 2019. At the top of that list? All things glam, including tons of shimmer, tons of rose gold and all things iridescent. Fast forward to summer and those trends – especially iridescent – couldn’t be bigger. And the iridescent trend? It’s showing zero signs of slowing down.

Charging into summer, iridescent is one of the hottest trends in promotional products we’re seeing right now. While, in many ways, it never really went away, over the last few months this truly glam trend has made its way into the mega-mainstream – and demand continues to rise.

We saw it on runways.

We saw it in packaging.

And, now, we’re seeing it in some very unexpected places – the almost-holographic finish popping up in everything from manicures to apparel to water bottles and other swag.

Chalk it up to the popularity of all things bold, bright and bursting with color – a “unicorn effect,” really – or, simply, the fact our eyes are naturally drawn to this futuristic hue, but one thing is crystal clear: your customers crave something with a whole lot of shimmer. And this is the perfect season to jump on the bandwagon and deliver. Besides, if Louis Vuitton® was all-in on iridescent with its latest collection, it’s hard to completely ignore it, right?

With that in mind, we’re all about incorporating a little more shimmer into promotional premiums. Our iridescent collection includes everything from eye-popping pens to stainless steel rainbow straws to pretty pouches to mugs that command attention in that AM conference room meeting. Your job? Settle on the right iridescent summer essentials for your business and your customers right now so you have plenty of time to share this spectacular summer trend.

When Lanvin® and Louis Vuitton and, even, Nike® take note, it’s safe to say we’re onto something – and it’s safe to say this is one trend your clients, customers and employees can’t wait for you to dive into.

Get in touch to talk iridescent and to start planning your own shimmery summer collection.


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