4 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Go With These Campfire Mugs

We love the great outdoors – the fresh air, the babbling brooks, the s’mores. But, that said, we know not everyone can get down with getting their camp on, and we get it. For every amazing toasty marshmallow there’s a swarm of not-so-friendly mosquitoes – and for every epic early morning sunrise there’s the distinct possibility we’re sleeping on a rock…and that tomorrow isn’t going to be our finest wake-up.

In short, we get it. There are can’t-wait-to-camp types and, at the same time, plenty of can’t-wait-to-cozy-up-inside types. This September, our Product of the Month is this super retro, totally vintage-inspired Stainless Steel Speckled Camping Mug – that easily satisfies both types. Here’s why…

For the Campers…

#1. They’re Super Sturdy
Camping is packed with potential slips, spills and breaks – but not this campfire mug. Designed to withstand the elements, this high-quality, kitchen-grade stainless steel mug has a rock-solid enamel finish and is 100% BPA free. Your customers and clients will get tons of use out of it this season and for tons of seasons to come. That’s the definition of #winning.

#2. They’re Super Cool
You can’t deny the retro-cool appeal of these campfire mugs – so we won’t. These mugs are the real deal, totally vintage and totally on-point with the fall trends we’re already starting to see. Get ahead of the game and get your hands (literally) on these custom campfire mugs.

#3. They’re the Ultimate Hand Warmers
And because they’re classic-inspired, they don’t have any added insulation. While you probably don’t want to hand these off to the kiddos (ouch…), they are the ultimate hand-warmers. Fill one to the brim with soup, chili or cocoa and voila! Instant hand-warmer, perfect for keeping you and your clients toasty even on the coldest fall night. Bonus.

#4. They’re Easy to Identify
In the great outdoors, everything is so…gray. Not the nature stuff, of course, but pretty much everything else – sleeping bags, tents, hiking gear, everything tends towards the muted color side of things.

These campfire mugs cut through the blah and add a pop of color to your campsite. Better still, because they’re available in seven colors, there’s no confusing AM coffee cups – claim your blue, navy, white, green, teal, black or red and you’re good to go for the entire camp out.

For the NON-Campers…

#1. They’re Super Functional
You don’t need to camp out to get the max value out of these mugs. Hand one to your 20something agency contact and she’ll make it her new go-to, in-office coffee mug. Hand it to that senior exec you’re wooing and he’ll make sure it’s in the mix – maybe it’s a coffee mug, maybe it’s where he sneaks his afternoon M&Ms® or maybe it’s a pen cup. Regardless, he’ll be digging its classic cool.

#2. They Make People Ask, “Do You Camp?”
There’s something that screams “camping” – and that’s a huge appeal, even for the non-camper. Who doesn’t want to have that, “hit-me-up-for-a-morning-hike” vibe emanating from their desk? Exactly. Because this campfire mug oozes total chill – even if it does become the afternoon snack cup.

#3. They’re Vintage – and That’s Cool
Yes, we mentioned “cool” under the “camper” column, but it’s worth repeating. Vintage is the trend for fall. Whether you’re adding a retro print scarf to the mix or, simply, snagging this cool campfire mug, you’re in – and that’s essential for creating a promotional product that turns heads and gets used. Do that, and you’ve built a better marketing campaign. The more your gear gets used, the more people you’ll engage without lifting a finger.

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