Branded Holiday Gifts – 10 Best Stocking Stuffers

‘Tis the Season – no seriously. Even though it feels as if the holidays are a lifetime away, they aren’t, especially not when it comes to locking down your branded holiday gifts. We know you want the best gifts for your best clients and customers – and we know you know they’re sick of that ordinary gift that seems to land on their desk year after year after year after year.

So, then, the big question: what do those executives, decision-makers and key contacts on your holiday list want stuffing their stockings this year? And, beyond that, what branded holiday gifts pack the most punch for your business – what’s going to get the visibility, the usage and the eyeballs every single day, ensuring you max out your end-of-year investment?

The answer? These gifts – period. These are the hottest, most sought-after, #trending items of the year, and they’re perfect for every single person on your must-gift list.

1. True Wireless Earbuds w/Rechargeable Case, $11.75
PERFECT FOR: Everyone (literally everyone) – because let’s face it, everyone enjoys music or podcasts or chit-chatting with their friend (or boss…), hands-free.

You’ve no doubt seen (or not seen – they’re pretty discrete) Apple® AirPods® crammed into what seems like every ear that strolls by. We get it – and, we admit, we were crushing on them, too. Enter this season’s hottest branded holiday gift, our True Wireless Earbuds with a Rechargeable Case.

In short…This. Is. The. Gift. These wireless earbuds instantly sync via Bluetooth® so you can make calls and listen to music, up to 33’ away from your smartphone. Even the case is cool – it’s slick, sleek and holds a 90-minute charge on its own.

And once your earbuds are fully juiced? You can rock out, get your conference call on or, simply, kick back and podcast the afternoon away, because these branded earbuds work for up to five hours on a single charge. Better yet, each time your client slips these in, they’ll think of you and how unwaveringly on-trend you are. Bonus.

2. Stout Double Wall Camp Mug, $11.58
PERFECT FOR: The Great Outdoorsmen (or wannabe)

This mug is effortlessly cool and unbelievably functional. Bonus points for handing one over to the camper/outdoorsman/fisherman on your list. Double bonus points for gifting it to someone who is the antithesis of outdoorsy but totally wants people to feel they spent the weekend scaling peaks and relaxing in natural hot springs. Because whether they need to keep their campfire chili hot post-hike or, simply, want to keep their cold brew chilly through their morning meetings, this is the go-anywhere, do-anything, drop-and-keep-moving mug for the job.

3. Fuji Lunch Gift Set, $28.22
PERFECT FOR: The New Year’s Resolutionist

A bento box + 29 oz. Quench Tritan® Hydration Bottle = the ultimate get-healthy-in-the-New-Year holiday gift. By gifting them this complete, just-add-lunch pack, your customers and clients will be able to prep their favorite meals and sips and keep them safe, cool and at the ready all day long. Pick from two colors then brand your message, ensuring you’re always front-and-center when your recipient settles down to dig in.

4. Roots73® Woodland Knit Mittens, $25.29
PERFECT FOR: Skiers, snowball enthusiasts, snowman-making extraordinaires


When the temperature drops, you’ll get mega-bonus points for shipping off these comfy, cozy Roots73 knit mittens. Seriously, what’s not to love? They’re fleece-lined (translation: super soft). They’re very warm. And they’re perfect whether “getting out” means sprinting through the parking lot after work or hitting the slopes weekend after weekend.

5. Roots73 Sprucelake Plaid Shirt, $52.79
PERFECT FOR: People who love to get their layer on

Plaid is HOT – and not just in that 90s grunge sort of way. Plaid has made a serious resurgence in recent years and, now, it’s popping up everywhere from lumberjacks to runways – and, literally, everywhere in between.
Not only do these branded Roots Sprucelake shirts capitalize on this massive trend, but they also present the perfect layering opp for the fashion-forward among us. In the spring, wear this branded plaid open and drapey, for a cool weekend look. When it’s icy out, layer this plaid under a sweater or jacket and you’ll stay freeze-free all day long.

6. iLuv® And Click2 Wireless Speaker w/Amazon Alexa®, $44.10
PERFECT FOR: Anyone who’s smarter than smart

“Hey, Alexa! What’s the perfect gift for my clients this year? Oh…an Alexa? OK…”

This is the actual convo we had with our own in-office Alexa – and this is the recommendation she spouted out. Full disclosure: we couldn’t agree more. Alexa-enabled wireless speakers are, in a word, awesome. They’re easy to connect, easy to operate and enable you to do everything from stream music (which, let’s face it, everyone is doing) to making calls to engaging with any of their existing Alexa-enabled devices.

And with your branding front-and-center, you’ll always be top-of-mind whether they’re queuing up the latest jams or looking up a recipe to make jam.

7. Iridescent PopSockets® Cell Phone Stand & Grip, $9.98
PERFECT FOR: Anyone with a smartphone…seriously…

If you weren’t part of the PopSockets craze a few months ago, you missed out. But don’t worry, because we’re seriously crushing on these iridescent rainbow PopSockets, so the best is yet to come…
These small-but-mighty grips ensure your beloved smartphone doesn’t meet its untimely demise if you slip, slide or, even, come crashing down unexpectedly. And after that? Pop the socket out and you’ve got an insta-selfie station or personal movie theater, hands-free.

8. Dipped Stainless Steel Bottle, $7.93
PERFECT FOR: Workout enthusiasts and wannabes

Is there anything that screams, “I just bested my PR” than a sleek stainless-steel water bottle? Literally nothing. And that’s just part of the appeal that comes with this Dipped Stainless-Steel Bottle. Designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot soups and sips steamy for up to 12, your customers will love that their AM coffee is still fresh-from-the-pot when they finally have a chance to get their sip on – even if it’s well into the PM hours by then.

9. The North Face® Groundwork Backpack, $60.00
PERFECT FOR: Mountain climbers – and commuters

North Face just oozes cool, outdoorsy-ness – and this backpack is no exception. Got a client who’s all about the great outdoors? One who can’t wait to regale you with his latest camping/hiking/climbing/trekking adventure? You know them. Now show them you’ve heard their master-of-the-trail stories loud and clear with this backpack – and remind them about your amazing partnership with prominent branding front-and-center. With an added bungee this backpack can hold anything, and with spots for two water bottles they can hit the trails like a total pro.
But that’s just the beginning. Whether your recipients are conquering the mountain or conquering the morning rush, this backpack is “It!”

10. Gourmet Snacks Gift Box Tower, $26.46
PERFECT FOR: Foodies. People who want to make friends at work. People who live to entertain.

Four words: four tiers of SNACKS. Seriously, we could end the post now. Because this is a legit tower of snacks. We repeat, A TOWER. And that tower is packed with snacks.
Now that we’ve made ourselves abundantly clear, let’s break it down. Lemon cookies. Chocolate covered almonds. Mustard pretzel nuggets. Shortbread. Peanut brittle crunch. It’s all packed into this jaw-dropping snack structure, delivered to your gift recipients with your big, bold branding and finished with a bow of your choice. Whether they devour it all in the supply closet or share it with a colleague or two, this is THE foodie fete of the season. And you’ll be the winning partner who introduced them to their most delicious gift ever. Boom Done!

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