Take a Hike! (or not)… With Our COB Bluetooth® Promotional Lantern

The fun of fall is finally here… the rustling leaves, the crackling campfire, the cool, damp air. It’s a time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather before the long winter sets in. From rugged hiking trails and mountain climbing to relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard, everyone can appreciate the useful glow of our COB promotional lantern with built-in Bluetooth® speaker.promotional lantern

This is Not Your Grandfather’s Lantern

Lanterns have an old-timey feel; they don’t just light the way, they also elicit warmth and intimacy. Sure, a flashlight can provide the necessary brightness, but something about a lantern with its gentle glow is so much more illuminating.

And this lantern is no ordinary lantern. While many promotional lanterns you’ll find today feature LED lights for optimal energy-saving, COB technology is slightly different and more efficient. COB stands for Chip on Board, and it’s a fairly recent innovation that clusters LED lights together on a circuit board. This results in lighting that is extremely bright with a long lamp life and high lumen output.

COB technology is compact and energy-efficient, making it ideal for the long haul. In addition to its efficiency, the overall effect of a COB lantern is a harmonized light source for a bright, yet gentle glow.

Step it Up with a Bluetooth Speaker

This COB promotional lantern is not just a light source; it’s also equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker. Music can give you the motivation you need to conquer a challenging climb or the tranquility to sleep in the woods – and everything in between. Music has the ability to turn a simple gathering into a party, to motivate a tired body or to bring calm to an anxious mind… It’s an essential component to outdoor enjoyment your customers or employees are sure to appreciate.

This two-in-one product is lightweight yet durable, affording your recipients the convenience of both light and sound without the extra bulk. With its large imprint area and crisp screen printing against the black exterior, your brand is on display for all to see.

Whether for roughing it or glamping, outshine the competition with these illuminating COB Bluetooth promotional lanterns.

Watch as Laurie gives us an up-close look:

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