These Six 90s-Inspired Promotional Products are All That

We admit it – we’re still crushing on the 90s. Between the flannel-first fashions to the epic CD collections to quoting Clueless like a boss, there was something so great about this over-the-top decade. The best part, though? Some of the most fly trends are coming back in a very BIG way – and we are 100% getting jiggy with it.

#1. The Scrunchie
Custom ScrunchieO.M.G. Your favorite 90s hair scrunchie/wrist decor is B.A.C.K. Customize virtually everything about these full-color poly/spandex ouchless hair bands, then distribute to your clients, vendors and employees (and maybe even consider gifting one of the greatest hair metal albums with it). Trust us, they’ll be into them. If they rocked the 90s they no doubt rocked plenty of scrunchies back in the day. And if they’re too millennial/Gen Z for the trend, they’re probably rocking a modern day scrunchie right now – yes, really.

#2. Some Super Fly Tie-Dye
We’re so over tie-dye.


While we’d argue tie-dye never really went away, the 90s were definitely the peak of psychedelic threads – and these rainbow tees are spot-on 90s cool. Perfect for festivals, events, races and everyday wear (casual Friday, anyone?), these 100% cotton shirts are impossible to miss…unless you find yourself at Lollapalooza or the Woodstock museum.

#3. Slap it to Me
We’re seriously bugging out over these printed silicone snap bracelets.

Available in 10 bold colors, there’s an option for every slap-worthy recipient – and plenty of space to brand your business and your message. The only drawback? Once you slap, you can’t stop, so be sure you hang onto these slap bracelets until the end of the meeting or presentation – or be prepared to hear these “too cool for school” bracelets snapping and slapping the entire time.


#4. Look Like Lennon
Imagine channeling your inner rock god – with these Lennon Round Sunglasses, you can. Finished with UV400 lenses and 100% UV/UVB Protection, these 90s-inspired shades are as chic as they are powerful. And, with plenty of room for promotional branding – and two classic colors to choose from – you and yours will no doubt feel Free as a Bird…and no doubt turn serious heads.


#5. Bring Me the Bucket (Hat)
The quintessential hat for a day at the beach or day at a Beastie Boys concert, this all-out, rock-out dyed twill washed bucket hat was a 90s fashion staple – and now it’s back in a very big way. Pick your poison – this hat is available in 14 colors, including pink, lemon yellow, mango and orange plus some cool neutrals – pop this one on and you, your clients and your customers will be ready for that corporate retreat, PM picnic or summer-    themed bash. The question is, how will you wear your bucket hat?

#6. Dude, it’s a JanSport

Slow clap for this 90s classic, the JanSport® backpack.

Seriously, why did we ever stop carrying this super sack? It literally does not stop – it’s got one main compartment for your laptop or Case Logic® CD case (your choice…), plus a padded back panel because, let’s face it, we aren’t as young as we were when these bags first became popular.

The best part? With a lifetime warranty, your customers will be carrying their new and improved JanSport until they start #trending with the next generation.

Some Others We Love

And that’s just the beginning. Those magical, mystical mood rings? We’re totally feeling the vibe in these super cool, super on-trend iridescent essentials. And the hyper color you HAD TO HAVE? These color-changing products are rocking the racks at your favorite stores – and, now, they can be your favorite promotional premiums, too. Really, there’s no wrong choice. Get in touch and get your order in now. You go, girl!

Get in touch to talk all things promo and to start planning your own 90s trending collection.


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