Bring the Family Together with These 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

Shopping for corporate gifts can be challenging… Even within your target audience, you have a so many different personalities to contend with and desires to meet. While younger groups may value the newest and coolest innovations in technology, gadgets and gizmos don’t always set you apart from the crowd.

But fear not! We know a little secret that will really wow your customers and employees with kids, young and old. And you don’t even need your secret decoder pin to learn it…

Focus on corporate gifts the entire family can enjoy together. That’s how you can truly win them over, not just around the holidays but the whole year through. Here are some ideas of gifts they will love that won’t shoot anyone’s eye out:

1. Games

a christmas story tongue sceneInstead of leaving the kids to their own games and dares, help families have fun together. Game nights are a great way to make some memories, and your recipients will appreciate the gift of quality family time. A desktop game set like this one is perfect for families with older children and teens, while this giant four-in-a-row game is ideal for getting little kids involved in game nights.

2. Camping Accessorieskid with heavy coat

Family camping trips don’t end when the weather starts to cool down. In fact, fall and winter campouts can be some of the best with the right equipment. Items like camping chairs, stadium blankets and large umbrellas help your recipients and their families enjoy the outdoors together long passed the summer months.

3. Safety EquipmentRalphie's broken glasses

Parents value safety especially when it comes to their children. Providing your customers and employees with a first aid kit will be appreciated. The peace of mind and compact travel size will not go unnoticed. Parents know it’s always good to have an emergency kit on hand… in case an icicle falls off the garage or something.

4. Organizational Extrasfagile leg lamp

Help recipients protect all of their “frageelay” treasures. Good organization not only helps spaces look tidier, it also helps to keep items safe from accidents like the dangerous plant-watering catastrophe… With everything from sports equipment and emergency kits to diapering supplies and groceries, families have a lot of “stuff” in their trunks. Help them keep it all secure and easy to find with a product as simple as this trunk organizer.

5. Foodfruit basket from Ralphie

A classic, time-honored gift for families, food is appreciated by all. You can find everything from elaborate food baskets and towers to everyday snack bags and candy. Be sure to take potential allergens into consideration when shopping for families with young children, but with such a huge selection of food products, you’re certain to find the best item for your target audience. And remember: whatever you choose, they will just be so happy it’s not Ovaltine.

So go ahead and order your family-centered corporate gifts today. We TRIPLE dog dare you!


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