How Not to Blow Your Budget This Holiday Season

When it comes to holiday gifting, there are two distinct emotions you’ll no doubt feel.

1) Why. Do. I. Have. SO MANY PEOPLE TO GIFT? Bah-humbug.
2) Yay, presents! Let’s BLOW THIS BUDGET, PEOPLE!

The problem? Neither is really in the right holiday spirit, if you think about it. While we love gifting – your “nice” list is likely getting super long by this point in the year – and that can get pricey. But, at the same time, you’re lucky to have such a hefty list – these are the people who made your year. Now is the time to say, “thanks for being YOU.”

So how to strike that balance? With these on-trend holiday gifts – that don’t break the bank. Because now more than ever, some of the hottest must-haves are also the most budget-friendly – and that’s a holiday trend we can get behind. Happy gifting!

10 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Gifts Under $10 (or “The only list I’m going to read”)

1. Fireside Hot Chocolate Kit
Minimal effort, maximum cozy – that’s pretty much the theme of this hot cocoa kit. In just seconds recipients can whip up the perfect cup of holiday cheer with literally zero effort. Kits come complete with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows already infused. Boil water. Mix. Rinse mug. Repeat. It’s as easy as that.



2. Dual Wall Stemless Stainless-Steel Wine Tumbler
‘Tis the season to raise a glass. Or two. Or 20. No judgement from this brandable tumbler. With a spill-resistant lid – your recipients can keep on toasting an amazing year without spilling on their fave holiday looks. What’s more, the dual stainless-steel insulated wall keep hot drinks hot for eight hours, and any cold drink super-chill for 12 hours.


3. eos® Smooth Sphere Lip Moisturizer – Summer Fruit
The winter months are NOT very nice to our skin – enter Instagram darling eos lip balm, perfect for driving social snaps and keeping lips hydrated all season long. With strawberry, blueberry and peach available to custom-brand, this antioxidant-rich balm is a total throwback to summer – even though they’re probably wearing wool socks as they apply.


Gifts Under $25

1. Serenity Concrete Candle
Between shopping and cooking and hosting, sometimes we need a reminder to stop and smell the cookies. This cool concrete candle invites serenity into any space and will remind your clients and partners that yes, they deserve to rest after working hard all year long. And with spectacular seasonal scents such as berry spice, midnight woods, sugar cookie and more, your recipients will burn through the entire candle before they can say, “Yuletide!”

2. Cocktail Multi-Tool
The holiday season is all about festive fun – and festive fun tends to involve festive drinks. Cheers to that – and cheers to this cocktail tool that does. it. all.

Designed with a built-in bottle opener, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, jiggers and more, this Cocktail Multi-Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of bar tools. Crush fruit, slice and dice ingredients and mix drinks with this 10-piece tool – and total holiday essential. Trust us, this gift will get noticed – and every time it does, you’ll build brand awareness while ensuring your client mixes an amazing drink. Really, what could be better?

3. Crosshatch Beanie with Faux Fur Pom
Stifle the achoos for good this season by gifting this adorable crosshatch beanie. This hat is as adorable as it is functional – come on with that pom-pom! In our books, this little beanie can do no wrong. Made from 100% acrylic and available in various colors, it’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


4. Crunchy Delight Gift Box
While we say the holidays are all about family fun, let’s be honest – it’s really about the amazing eats. Get on the bandwagon and gift your clients and contacts with this “killer” sweets box. Packed with frosted pretzels and caramel popcorn, this festive little box mixes sweet and salty, sure to cure all seasonal cravings.


Gifts Under $50

1. Leeds® Entertainer Wine & Cheese Board
This seven-piece set doesn’t just provide the perfect platform to serve an array of cheeses, but it also includes a corkscrew, a tapas dish, two cheese knives, and more. Did someone say, “Hostess with the most-est?” Yes – your gift recipients just did. And they’re thanking you well into 2020.


2. Leeds Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth® Speaker
Rain? Snow? Blizzard? It’s all good in the ‘hood. This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is weather-proof and ready to rock wherever you go. Perfect for parties, vacation getaways or even an all-day cookie-baking session in your kitchen, this speaker is ideal to whip out anytime you want to bust a move. Consider it a dance party in a box, with your branding all over it.


3. OGIO® Endurance Fulcrum Full-Zip Jacket
Everyone needs an amazingly warm, go-to winter jacket – and here it is. With oversized zipper pockets, reflective features and a cool cadet collar and sleeve-shaped cuffs, this jacket checks all the boxes for both style and comfort. It’s warm, but still lightweight enough for exercise (which we’ll be doing a lot of after this holiday season…or not).



Get in touch now to get your holiday gifts order in-motion. Don’t bust your budget looking for the right promotional gift, contact us to help find the perfect holiday gift!


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