Everything You Need to Know About Branded Wireless Chargers

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging brings on a whole new level of convenience you never you knew you always wanted. It starts with a basic charging pad, mat or stand that plugs into a power source. Then, instead of plugging your device into the charging mechanism, you simply rest it on top! Charge smart phones, tablets and watches effortlessly and wirelessly for ultimate ease.

This unique technology utilizes an electromagnetic field to charge your device. The charger itself is plugged in to an outlet or USB port, which creates an inductive magnetic field within the charger’s coil. The coil within your device’s battery connects with the charged coil within the pad, mat or stand to transfer power to your device without every having to plug it in.Branded Wireless Charger

Who Needs Wireless Chargers?

Anyone with a Qi smart device can use a branded wireless charger. This includes phones, tablets, watches and more. Wireless chargers are great for students and office-workers to take on the go as well as other smart-device owners to charge easily at home.
Because there is no cable to attach to the device, you have more flexibility in charging a variety of devices. This eliminates the need for multiple chargers and cables for your Qi devices… simply use this one-size-fits-all, wireless charger, and you’re good to go!

What are the Pros and Cons of Promotional Wireless Chargers?

Beyond the obvious – convenience – a wireless charger offers many advantages. There’s no need to fumble with wires or take the added step to plug in your device; you simply rest it on top of the pad, mat or stand to begin charging. Likewise, if you need to quickly remove the device, you simply pick it up and can just as easily place it back down when you’re done to resume charging. This saves the plug from constantly being pulled and the wire from fraying over time.

Another advantage of wireless chargers is their ability to charge more than one device at a time in some cases. Select chargers with a larger surface area can hold multiple devices such as a phone and a watch at the same time to charge simultaneously. This cuts down on the number of chargers required and, of course, the wires!

The downfall? Wireless chargers may not be for everyone. The phone, tablet or watch must be Qi-enabled. Most newer devices will have this capability, but older devices may not. Without Qi technology built into the device, a wireless charger will not work. So it’s important to know your target audience and if they are likely to have more recent devices.

The only other possible disadvantage that we can think of is that there has to be direct (or very nearly direct) contact between the device and the wireless charger. That means you have to may have to remove any bulky cases, PopSocketsĀ® or cell phone wallets before you set the device on the charger.

Overall, the benefits far outweigh possible shortcomings when it comes to branded wireless chargers.

What Makes Wireless Chargers Good Promotional Items?

As with most promotional items, a promotional wireless charger will be displayed for others to see. People love to leave them on their desks at work or in prominent places of their homes. This, of course, increases visibility and brand exposure as well as reinforces brand loyalty.

November’s Product of the Month is the Soft-Touch Wireless Charging Pad. What makes this charger a good promotional item is its sleek design and low profile. Available in black or white, it’ll match any home or office decor while the anti-slip pads on the bottom prevent it from sliding around the counter or desk.

Made from durable plastic, this stylish charging pad is soft and smooth to the touch, giving it an elegant feel. It includes a USB cable and LED indicator to prevent overcharging, while its auto device recognition makes it easy to charge any Qi-enabled device at any time.

One of our favorite things about this sophisticated wireless charger is the large imprint area – 2.6 inches in diameter! With that kind of real estate, your brand is sure to get the recognition it deserves.

For more information on branded wireless chargers or to order your soft-touch wireless charging pad, contact us today!


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