3 Things Millennials Love About The Parkland Vintage Computer Backpack

Backpacks are a dime a dozen. So how do you choose the computer backpack that best represents your brand and your individual message? How do you find something that appeals to your target demographic with a reach wide enough to be noticed by others? And how do you do all of this with both fashion and function in mind?

The Parkland Vintage Computer Backpack!

We chose this laptop backpack as our product of the month for its popularity and design. “Why is it so popular?” you ask… Well, let’s just say its unique composition (among other things) are why we (and your customers will) LOVE it!

backpack gif

We’re pretty sure if Parkland had been around at the time, it would have taken the place of Bianca’s “Prada.” Because, seriously, this laptop backpack is a Millennial’s dream. And here’s why:

We love the way it is sustainable
And the way it has a stylish flair
We love the way the brand gives back
(we love it when they care)

  1. We Love The Way It Is Sustainable
    All Parkland bags sport an exterior constructed 100% from recycled water bottles. The plastic is sorted, shredded, melted, spun, woven and (finally) sewn to create a durable fabric built to last. Not only does this result in a pretty unique story, look and feel, but also helps to save the planet! Using 12 or so water bottles per bag, Parkland is able to create something that will last, making it way more sustainable than simply recycling. Think about the kind of statement that makes for your brand!making a statement about sustainability
  2. And The Way It Has a Stylish Flair
    There is beauty in sustainability, true enough… But the Parkland vintage computer backpack also brings its own beauty in form and function. Featuring clean silhouettes and refined details, this bag is offered in four trendy colors to fit your customers’ style. The simple and clean design includes a top handle for carrying options, padded adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and discrete water bottle pocket for convenience. In addition to organizational pockets, this unique computer backpack also offers a 13″ laptop sleeve to keep your electronics protected. The functionality of a traditional travel backpack unites with the prestige of a designer bag for a gift or giveaway that sounds too good to be true (but don’t worry… it IS true)!too good to be true backpack
  3. We Love The Way The Brand Gives Back (we love it when they care)
    In addition to its unique sustainability initiative, the Parkland brand also has several dedicated give-back programs. Parkland is partnered with an organization called 1% For The Planet, which donates 1% of all sales (whether they are profitable or not) to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet. In addition to helping the environment, Parkland’s partnerships also include WE Charity as well as From One Hand to AnOTHER – both nonprofit organizations that focus on society and community – which we’re pretty passionate about as well.I burn, I pine, I perish

Sustainability is more than just a trend… it’s a movement. And it’s one that we can all get on board with! We’re down, we’ve got the 411 – so go out and get jiggy with the Parkland Vintage Computer Backpack… Your mama didn’t raise no fool!


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