Drum Roll Please…The Top Promotional Products of 2019

Before we go all in on 2020, let’s take a minute and look back at some of our very favorite promotional product trends of the year – and those trends were amazing! From hot tech to casual kicks, these promotional products lit a spark in 2019 and are ready to explode in the New Year.


Which tech do consumers really want? That thing that makes their lives easier with a quick click – or now, more specifically, by asking Alexa® or Siri® for a little boost.


Your customers are seriously on the move, living faster and smarter than ever before – and they demand the latest and greatest products to help them on the go. Your job? To deliver.


These wireless rechargeable ear buds are an ideal go-to. Also, they are amazing – and, now, a modern essential. For home it’s these wifi smart plugs and power strips plus doorbells and security kits. Your customers and partners will love them, and they’ll be all about showing off their “smart homes” in the new year.


Want to target next generation buyers – AKA millennials and Gen Zers? Then you need to be all about the GREEN – and we aren’t talking about King Cash.


Today’s 20- and 30somethings are all about ethically- and responsibly-sourced everything.
For companies as a whole that means looking out for not only the needs of your stockholders, but your stakeholders including the community, employees, customers and the suppliers your business impacts.


And from there? Go green and strike gold. This year, we’re all about eco-friendly water bottles and notebooks to paper pens and organic reusable bags – and so are our customers (and our customers’ customers…).


In the hyper-visual Instagram Age, neutrals are a “no-no” replaced instead with bright patterns, iridescent materials and camo prints leaping onto scenes and screens everywhere. While we anticipate some trends fading in 2020, this one’s too bright of a light to fade away so quickly. In fact, we’re so deep in this one that we’re expecting big, bold and bright to get BIGGER, BOLDER AND BRIGHTER in 2020 – so prepare to hold onto these looks for post-January 1.


Employers are promoting a flexible workplace culture more than ever, and employees – who are opting more and more for remote work – require their office space be more lifestyle-centric and enable them to get the job done anytime, anywhere.

The new nomad is more portable than ever and looking for ways to make their remote workweek or half-day even easier to master with on-the-go coffee mugs and charging accessories to reboot no matter where they land.


Lock down this trend, because safety is all the rage. Consumers are purchasing whistles, combination locks, flashlights and emergency kits both for the home and on-the-go, with a large increase in clear bags to take to concerts and stadium events. The wave of transparency has drifted into school-related products such as clear backpacks and throw-back fanny packs, which will carry on through this year and next.


Your next step? Get off on the right marketing foot in 2020. Get in touch to talk custom promo items and how you can ensure what you’re hitting the market with hits the mark.


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