Branded Stainless Steel Straws to Start The Year Off Right

We’re just squeaking out of the season of some serious indulging – and of course, that means some serious sips. That’s why this is our pick for January’s Product of the Month – an amazing little essential that keeps the festivities going for at least another month.

That product? These on-trend stainless steel drinking straws. Enjoy your favorite beverage whether it’s a final glass of eggnog or a welcome dose of green juice and save the planet, all at the same time. Seriously – could there be a better win/win to ring in 2020? We think not.

So more about these amazing reusable straws. First, they’re made from stainless steel making them super sturdy and easy to clean. And an added bonus: this particular kit comes with a brush that fits perfectly inside the straw for maximum cleaning power, and seamless switching between beverages without any aftertaste. Plus, the silicone tip makes for easy sipping, which could be dangerous, depending on your beverage of choice…

Another perk: this is a super “green” gift for you, your team and your customers and partners. So, if “be more eco-conscious” is on your resolution list, this collapsible straw kit is a must-have. Its collapsible design and attached silicone loop allows you to easily tote it along with you to restaurants, coffee shops, holiday parties, or to work, always ensuring you can get your sip on without tossing another plastic straw in the trash. Instead, when you’re done using this straw, just collapse it, slip it into the included carrying case (for complete germ-protection, because, who KNOWS what’s at the bottom of your bag), and throw it in your bag or attach it to your keys, and you’re ready to set an eco-friendly example.

There are also tons of opportunities to customize this powerhouse Product of the Month. Not only are straw kits available in black, blue, lime green, orange, pink, red, and white, but you can brand the carrying case with your company’s logo and name, or go the extra mile and add a laser engraving to the straw itself. Everywhere this straw goes, people will associate your brand with a huge cause worth fighting for: saving the world by eliminating the pollution. Talk about making an impact with your brand – and talk about something to sip on.

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