Dual Charging…Yes Please

If there’s one thing we realized in 2019, it’s that life is straight-up hectic. Between obligations at work, to-do lists at home, and the pressure of keeping up with family, and friends and trends, it’s a miracle we can get anything done at all.

In 2019, we saw masses of people coming to terms with this reality, and finally resolving to ditch the overwhelm once and for all. With ideas such as minimalism, shopping bans, and saying “no” more often spreading like wildfire, people from all walks of life adopted ways of simplifying their lives, both physically and mentally.

This ideology could have easily been dismissed as another fad. However, living a simpler life has proven to be extremely happy-inducing for many people – needless to say, the idea of having less and doing less is here to stay in 2020 and beyond.

February’s Product of the Month: Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad

As 2020 begins and your clients start making resolutions, they just might decide that decluttering their space and mind is exactly the refresher they need in the new year – and here’s how our Duo Wireless Charging Pad will help them jumpstart their pursuit of simplicity:

It Declutters Their Charging Station

Is there a heap of chargers, cables, and cords cluttering your client’s tables and counters? We’d all be a lot better off without that mess.

Between phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and beyond, your clients’ tables and floors are likely covered with device chargers. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate at least two cables from the mix?

The Light-Up Duo Wireless Charging Pad can charge two wireless-enabled devices at once, so it’ll save your clients from constantly tripping on and fighting with those unruly bundles of mile-long charging cables.

Its wireless design is honestly a dream come true. Fewer cords, fewer problems!

The charging pad does come with a charging cable to charge the pad itself. But once the pad is fully charged, simply roll-up the cord and store it out of sight!

It Encourages Your Clients to Disconnect

We all know how annoying it is to get work emails and news when we’re off the clock. And now that smartwatches are equipped to receive messages too, it seems almost impossible to disconnect with our wrists chiming wherever we go.

Since the devices stop charging if they’re removed from the pad, this charging pad will encourage your clients to dock their devices and leave them be. Having fewer distractions at home will help your clients rest and rejuvenate!

But Wait, There’s Something in it For You Too!

Not only does February’s product of the month simplify your clients’ lives, but it’s also an incredible and innovative way to promote your brand. Each Wireless Charging Pad can be customized with your company’s name and logo. And the best part? It’s laser-engraved plus it lights up! What better way to promote your company than to put its name in lights? Help your clients, boost your brand – talk about a win-win situation.

Ready to snag the perfect promos in this new year? Get in touch with us to get started.


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