Covid-19 Cancellations? Keep Customers Engaged with a Targeted “Virtual” Event Pack

From global conferences, trade shows and events to hotels, resorts, concert venues and restaurants, there’s a lot closing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But, as customers are getting settled into their new spaces at home and working to ensure their businesses don’t miss a beat, launching virtual events seems to be all the craze—our phones are buzzing with customers asking for ideas—so their businesses have the opportunity to engage and activate would-be event attendees no matter where they are.

What advice are we giving if events or program are canceled?

For Online-Only or Virtual Events

Want customers to tune in and live stream your now-virtual or online-only seminar, conference or summit? Send them everything they need to lean in and engage. Protect their privacy and consider a branded webcam cover customers can slide open or closed, as needed. Since you can’t see when someone is taking over your webcam, recipients will appreciate adding these to their desktops, laptops and mobiles. Some of them include a card that you can easily brand for a cost-effective direct marketing option.

Another virtual event essential combo idea—a branded coffee mug (we recommend something with a cover to avoid keyboard spills) plus a custom notebook, assorted pens and highlighters so participants can take notes during your amazing sessions and keynotes.

For Anyone Working from Home

Working from home comes with its pluses and minuses—but by sending along a little TLC that highlights the good in hunkering down in a home office, you’ll catch your customers’ attention and add a little fun to their new day-to-day. We’ve created a place for you to shop some ideas to have sent to them – Here are just a few of our outside the box favorites:

To be sure they have their everyday essentials, consider this 10-in-1 Office Supply Kit.

Socks are always a good idea. From no-shows to low-cut’s to tubes and crew, you can’t go wrong if their toes stay warm. Throw in a custom blanket and you might just secure permanent placement on the back of their home-office chair.

Encourage them to stay focused with a healthy snack bag such as this energy trail mix – or for something more buzz-worthy, we’ve seen great success with these Baseball tube filled snacks (Home Run, anyone?)

For Customers Ready to GET OUT

While your customers are no doubt trying to practice social distancing, that doesn’t mean they need to stay glued to their chairs and couches all day. Send a promotional frisbee or flyer—something simple and fun they can use in their own backyard (or store in their beach bag for safekeeping. Or opt for branded pedometers or activity trackers that (gently…) remind them to get up and get moving, even though they’re hunkered down at home all day.

For Your On-Trend Audience

Chances are your customers spend a LOT of time online already—but, for the time being, they will likely be in front of their devices even more. From in-person meetings turned video conferences to seminars turned webinars, everyone will be focused on their computer screens more than ever. So why not send something that’s totally trending—and with good cause.

Blue light reduction custom glasses are everywhere—and, admittedly, we love ours. Slip them on—no prescription needed—and you’ll instantly curb common issues including dry eyes, blurry vision and eye fatigue. Reducing blue light can even help improve sleep quality.

For EVERYONE Who Needs a Little Care…

In the midst of all of this, there’s no question everyone’s looking to stay healthy. We’ve rounded up some of our most popular go-tos, from hand sanitizers (some of which are available on pre-order) to tissues to stress balls, thermometers, cold and flu kits and more. There’s no question everyone on your list would love getting a home delivery of any or all of these essentials. Not only does it show you’re thinking of them but, given how tough it is to get many of these must-haves in-store, you’ll be alleviating some serious pain points.

Get in touch to learn more about any or all of these promotional products — and to get your order in now. Above all, though, STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY — And know that, as always, the Motivators team is here anytime to assist and support you and your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


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