Working from Home is an Adjustment: This Kit Will Help

This month it’s all about telecommuting—and this all-in-one kit

As the Coronavirus continues to limit travel and shove us all indoors for who knows how long, some of us are already starting to go a little stir crazy, especially the ones that have just recently joined the work-from-home club.

And if you’re lucky enough to work from home and earn a paycheck (many people are out of work until further notice), you’re probably beginning to understand the jarring reality behind the glamorous idea of working remotely.

It’s a challenging situation for many—adjusting to a new work environment. Your pet may be your new coworker, you’re fighting to keep your children’s fingerprints off important paperwork, all while avoiding eye contact with the huge pile of laundry on your couch.

Nope, not glamorous at all. I bet you’re dying to be back at work—funny, you never thought you’d feel that way, huh?

This kit will help your employees, colleagues and clients stay productive in their new distraction-ridden work environment.

How to Survive the COVID-19 Shutdowns: The Telecommute Kit

As you start setting up your at-home workstation, there are likely a few things missing, thankfully this Telecommute Kit will fill all the gaps for you—and avert possible mental breakdowns.

You can imprint each item with your company’s name and logo too, so these make the perfect “I miss you already” gift as your employees and coworkers transition into an at-home work environment. Plus, most retailers have shut down, so shopping for supplies is nearly impossible—needless to say, your employees will appreciate this grab-and-go kit.

Working at Home: The Essentials for Peace and Productivity

Packed inside, you’ll find all the supplies needed to stay productive and plugged into work. Everything from mousepads, right down to paper clips—this kit is all you need to prepare for Zoom calls and keep those stacks of paper at bay.

Because the last thing you want is for your at-home workstation to look like Paul’s…

In this kit, you’ll find a stationery kit with paper clips, sticky notes, rubber bands, tape, and even a mini stapler to help you knock out that mounting stack of paperwork on your dining room table.

Also, it’s time to toss out the make-shift mouse pad you invented out of that People magazine because this kit includes a sturdy, professional-looking mouse pad that will keep you on task and distraction-free while you work from home. You won’t be tempted to read those magazine headlines every time your hand lands back on your mouse.

As you prepare to hop on conference calls and take notes at the same time, you’ll appreciate the “trilogy” stylus included in this kit, which is a pen, tablet stylus, and highlighter all in one. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to transition from your tablet to your notepad.

So if you’re suddenly sharing an office with your children, the microfiber cloth included inside this Telecommute Kit will come in handy—because fruit roll-up fingerprints aren’t exactly easy to remove from a computer screen.

Topped off with a four-port USB hub and a braided charging cable, this kit is the ultimate work-from-home-essential to stay plugged in and productive. The braided charging cable is our favorite because it’s extra sturdy.

Also, another item you should consider buying (not included in this Telecommute Kit, but should’ve been) is a nice pair of earplugs—they work wonders for tuning out distractions. In all seriousness though, check out our curated work from home collection – and when all else fails and you feel like the world will never turn back to normal, take a break from work and read this tweet below (which will give you a little chuckle) and call us for ideas on how to stay connected during this challenging time.



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