Brand Inspiration in the COVID-19 Era

These companies quickly shifted their focus to serve the global community 

Kids are out of school, work has gone remote and we’re all separated from family, friends, and, simply, staying PUT. While it can be tough to strike a balance—and tough to have most of our interactions be strictly remote—we’re still feeling inspired, thanks to the amazing stories, tributes and touching moments crisscrossing the country.

Many of these stories are emerging from top brands and businesses—companies quickly shifting their business models and workflows for the greater good.

Influential Companies are Using their Resources to Support the Medical Industry

Some well-known companies, including Burberry, Gap, Nike, and more are repurposing their factories and accessing their expansive global supply chains to meet the rising needs for medical supplies such as face masks, hospital gowns, and face shields.

Louis Vuitton Factory Making Masks

In late March, Burberry took to Instagram to announce their plans to use their global supply network to “fast-track the delivery of 100,000 surgical masks to the UK National Health Service for use by medical staff.” They are also utilizing one of their factories in Yorkshire to create medical gowns and other pieces of PPE for patients who are currently in UK hospitals. In addition, Burberry has donated funds to support vaccine development at the University of Oxford. Their followers and customer-base responded well, applauding Burberry for their sensitivity to the world’s current climate and for leading by example.

Joining in on the generosity is Gap, which announced on March 27th they’re offering free, secure storage space at their U.S. distribution centers to emergency responders who need to store medical supplies. On top of that, they’re currently producing personal protection garments, including fabric face masks, which are in high-demand and low-supply around the world. Gap has also donated 50,000 masks to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Canada.

Nike, too, has begun tapping into their resources to meet the world’s changing needs. In late March, they mentioned they were working with Oregon Health & Science University to create a medical face shield prototype, which is in high demand for those working in the medical field and treating patients with COVID-19. The face shields were ready in just a few weeks and, by mid-May, more than 290,000 pieces of Nike PPE have been donated to healthcare facilities.

Creating a Sense of Community in the Time of “Social Distancing”

Other companies are using their social platforms to encourage communication, as well as ensuring their employees and customers feel supported during these isolating times.

Isolations with SophiaSophia Webster, a British luxury footwear brand, launched the “Isolation Creations with Sophia,” which encourages parents to print out downloadable coloring sheets for their children to complete, and submit them on Instagram for a chance to win a pair of the brand’s Mini Wellies.

Everytable, a cafe based in Los Angeles, says, “As we head towards limited social contact across our city, we want you to know that everyone is always welcome at our table.” In mid-March, Everytable announced on Facebook that it was starting a helpline and they will do whatever they can to ensure people still have access to healthy meals, stating, “If you need 10 meals or 10,000 meals, call us.”

Not only does Everytable’s effort appease the anxiety that comes with seeing empty grocery shelves and closed restaurants, but it also gives its community a shoulder to lean on when it feels like support is out of reach.

Companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, Olive Garden, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and more also announced they’ll offer paid sick leave to any quarantined employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

It’s inspiring to witness these big-box companies harness their resources to support their communities and employees, and the explosions of camaraderie and support that we’re seeing around the world are helping to make each day of quarantine a little easier to bear. It’s been a pleasure getting to see how our clients too are making an impact, and how they are creating unique ways to brand themselves on masks, antibacterial items and germ-free tools.

Need inspiration for your business? Please reach out. Just like the companies we mentioned above, we’re dedicated to helping however we can to be there for you.


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