If You Have to Wear a Face Mask All Day, it Should Be This One

As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on, so does the demand for face masks—especially comfortable ones that can be worn (and worn and worn and worn…). Now, with more states lifting their shelter-in-place orders there’s an even greater need for your customers and team members to don a face mask for hours at a time—so we dove into our inventory to find the most comfortable one we can offer.

And so, enter July’s product of the month: our 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask with Adjustable Straps. This one takes the cake for these reasons.

For starters, this mask is made of three layers of 100% cotton, so it’s soft. Yes, like your favorite worn-out cotton t-shirt soft. You know, the t-shirt that you never want to take off? That soft.

Second, it’ll fit you like a glove—elastic ear bands are designed with toggles that can be adjusted to provide an extremely custom and comfortable fit (that doesn’t tug on your ears all day). As you adjust the toggles, the fabric naturally gathers on the sides, for better fit, better protection and just an overall more comfortable mask-wearing experience.

Another perk—as if the promise of curbing the discomfort and red marks weren’t enough? These masks are cotton and they’re reusable—toss them in with your regular load of laundry, and you’ve got the most convenient and low-maintenance piece of personal protection gear out there.

Interested in seeing it up close? Check out this video to watch Nicole, our Merchandising Manager, try it on and show you the details.

We’re dedicated to providing you and your business with the supplies, support and education you need during this pandemic. So, if you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to reach out and pick our brains about which mask is right for your business’ needs. You can also take a look at our complete mask-buying guide or this list of other personal protection gear we offer when exploring your options.

If you have any questions about this face mask or any other promotional products, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our representatives are available to answer any of your questions and eager to help you keep your business running during these unprecedented times.

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