Why Self Promotion is Essential for Success in Business

If you aren’t intentionally self-promoting yourself, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build your network, advance your career and achieve your business goals. Like most people, you probably have a polished LinkedIn profile to make new connections, and may even go as far as to buff up your skills and endorsements.

This approach to self-promotion is effective for sure, but it isn’t enough to kick charge your career, especially when you’re graduating into or job hunting in a less-than-ideal market (ahem, Coronavirus). You need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Emily Kapit“Graduating from college is often somewhat scary and overwhelming; that could not be more true right now! Focusing on showing your value in a resume—and LinkedIn—and the impact you already have is key,” says Emily Kapit, a Certified Master Resume Writer and Career Strategist, ReFresh Your Step, LLC.

Be Like Your Favorite Businesses – Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media is everyone’s best friend these days. From remaining connected with loved ones in isolation to showing off the results of your home workout routine, social media is the place to be. Many of your favorite brands use social media to build influence, and you should, too.

Think about it… Chipotle has a cult following, yet continues to tap into the latest social media trends to boost business. Last year, your favorite burrito extraordinaire #ChipotleLidFlip challenge garnered more than 240 million views via TikTok. And, in 2020, Dove paid homage to healthcare workers during its “Courage is Beautiful” campaign—and reaped the benefits.

The best part—it’s super easy to promote yourself on social media. All you need is a smartphone and a little bit of creativity. Plus, you’re already looking at platforms on a daily basis. Why not make the most of your time? Short videos, pictures and poignant hashtags are the perfect way to share your workspace, creations and awesome personality with the world.

Don’t Forget Tried and True Physical Self Promotion Tools

Physical self-promotion tools are an easy and effective way to make a lasting impression. Every new graduate should have a portfolio. Hint: Looking for a great graduation gift? Portfolios are the way to go.

The Tuscany™ Mobile Portfolio has everything you need for a stellar interview. Made from soft faux leather and packed with pockets for your ID, gadgets and cables, this product—along with a great resume—will put you on track to land your dream job. If you don’t need extra storage space, but want a clean, functional portfolio, we recommend the Eclipse Bonded Leather Portfolio.

While you’re at it, take a moment to check out the pens around your home. They all have names of businesses on them, right? Custom pens are a gift that keeps on giving, and we even offer anti-microbial ones! After all, you never know who will pick one up and give you a call. Here are 5 things you never knew about promotional pens.

Ensure Your Resume is as Impressive as YOU

Resume best practices are always changing but packing yours with resume boosters is always a good idea. Have a special certification or college experience that sets you apart from the competition? Highlight it on your resume. We also recommend calling out passion projects, leadership experience, awards and organizations you belong to. And don’t forget to do your research—a quick Google search will turn up thousands of creative resume ideas.

“From jobs to internships, group projects, extracurriculars, honors, athletics, and more, think through your achievements (quantitative or qualitative) and how YOU made a difference,” says Kapit. “Communicating your value across your professional documents will set you apart from the pack as hiring managers and recruiters will be able to more easily see what you bring to the table and get a better sense of how immediate an asset you will be on a team.”

Once you’ve crafted the perfect resume, print copies on heavy-stock paper, tuck it in a PolyPro FileFolio or Two-Pocket Folder, grab your custom business card case, and you’re ready to go.

Graduating from college or job hunting might be scary right now, but downtime today is an opportunity to self-market yourself for success tomorrow. Start here and see where you land—and know we’re here to help you get the word out about the best brand ever: you.



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