Safely Sanitize Your Phone, Keys and More

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re more aware of germs than ever before, and people are adopting fancier ways of fighting them off and staying healthy. And that’s why, when choosing August’s Product of the month, we unanimously decided that our UV Germ-Free Phone Sterilizer Box w/Wireless Charger would take the cake—I mean, a phone sterilizing pod? What could be more 21st century, or as useful a gift during a pandemic?

Cleaning your electronics is a hassle, especially since you have to worry about potentially ruining them with water or cleaning products—but this nifty little germ-fighter solves that problem, and that’s why we love it.

Plus, not only does it get rid of germs on your phone, but on other electronics and objects too. You can sterilize phones, your watch, earrings, small earbuds, and more!

The UVC-LED sterilization kills off 99.9% germs in five minutes. So, you can sanitize your phone quickly and head out the door if you’re in a rush. The inside area measures 3.5”w x 6.7”h, so, it’ll even fit larger phones such as the iPhone 11 ProMax and the Samsung Galaxy S20. Sadly, it doesn’t fit tablets—but we’re working on that!

The device will power-down when the sterilization is complete, so you don’t have to worry about it wasting power—you can turn it on, let it do its germ-killing thing, and forget about it until you need your phone again.

And not only does the sterilizing box clean your phone, but it charges it too (yes, you heard that right!). Its 15W wireless charge will power-up your phone in no time, and it keeps your counters clutter-free from charging cables. Plus it includes a type-c charging cable too, which you can use to charge the actual box itself when necessary.

When it comes to keeping harmful germs out of your home and out of your body, you can never have enough peace of mind—especially during a pandemic. If you’re looking to gift one new gadget this month, make sure it’s this one—clients and employees will surely put it to use (and they’ll “thank you” over and over again).





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