Show Customers and Employees You Care with These Social Distancing Promotional Products

By late June the number of COVID-19 cases jumped 5%—a spike attributed to businesses reopening and people getting back to work and back to life. As the CDC continuously rolls out guidelines for businesses to follow, companies are cracking down on their employee and customer safety protocols in hopes of staying open and staying safe.

The list of guidelines is a mile long—from intensifying cleaning procedures to mandatory social distancing signage and beyond, companies are required to adapt to these changes, and quickly.

To help make it a little easier for you to keep your business running safely, we’ve compiled a few of our customizable social distancing decals and signs that’ll get your business up-to-par with the CDC’s signage guidelines.

Floor Decals

The CDC suggests using visual cues to control the flow of foot traffic and make it easy for customers to safely stay six feet apart—and these Octagon Removable Adhesive Floor Decals are perfect for the job. They’re ideal to control crowds near checkout stands and customer service desks where larger groups of people tend to gather.

Their removable adhesive not only sticks to multiple hard floor surfaces, but it’s painless to remove and there’s a large 12″ x 12″ imprint area you can customize—in full color!

These Rectangle Removable Adhesive Floor Decals are another wonderful option. They provide a bit more horizontal room (they measure at 12″ x 24″) for customization and are extremely durable under constant foot traffic.

For carpeted surfaces, try these Rectangle Removable Adhesive Carpet Decals. Not only will they easily adhere to the carpet (they work best on carpets with minimal texture), but their vinyl non-slip design ensures customers can safely walk over them too. These Square Removable Adhesive Carpet Decals are a great option for carpet as well, along with our Octagon Carpet Decal—each one is equally effective, it all just depends on what shape you’d like.

To further direct customers and keep crowds moving safely and efficiently, use these “One-Way” Stay Safe Floor Decals.

Floor decals are a convenient way to direct foot traffic while taking up minimal space and streamlining customer movement. They stick to the floor and they’re out of the way—no need to worry about customers stumbling around them.

However, if you are in search of a sign that stands on its own, try our Simpo Double-Sided Sign. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are completely weather resistant. You can easily swap out the signs as necessary, and their lightweight foldable design allows you to easily move and rearrange them.

More “Six Feet” Promotional Products

If you want to further promote social distancing at your store, hand out these Stay Safe Stickers, or have your employees wear these “Practice Safe 6 Feet” Shirts. Going the extra mile with these additional items will communicate to your customers that you take their safety seriously, and ultimately, will create an empathetic brand image for your company.

Especially during times like these, customers and employees need to know that you and your business cares—not just about the bigger issue at hand, but about them individually. And these items are the perfect way to communicate your concern and dedication to their safety.


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