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Advertise In-Store with Promotional Pens

Company: Art-O-Mat
Product: Pocket Master Retractable Pens (Item # 40059)

Create an in-store advertisement.

Find a retro-style pen that's available in a variety of colors and will fit into an old-fashioned vending machine.

Promotional Pocket Master Retractable Pens, item #40059

Clark's company, Art-o-mat, specializes in transforming retired cigarette vending machines into art dispensers. Clark wanted to fill one of his machines with a vintage-style promotional pen as an in-store campaign. He found after browsing the web looking for a retro click pen that would work with the promotion.

"The usage of this pen is very specific," Clark said, so he worked with Ali, a senior sales consultant at Motivators, to find the perfect one. They chose the promotional pocket master retractable pen because its old-fashioned style matches the look of Art-o-mat's restored cigarette machines.

After receiving his order, Clark reached out Ali to let her know that the pens looked great. "I am impressed that they are stamped, 'Made in the USA,'" he noted. To make his pens look truly retro, Clark mixed up the colors, creating a collection of two-tone pieces. Putting the pens inside a vintage cigarette dispenser brought the whole promotion together. It's now a fantastic addition to the Art-o-mat store and gallery, and promotes exactly what Clark and his team do: Combine art with commerce.

Clark told us that the promotion is going well so far. "People are really liking [the pens]," he said. "The retro aspect of the pens and the delivery is very memorable." We couldn't agree more!


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