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Promote an Event with Promotional Beverages

Company: Summit Church
Product: Promotional Energy Drink (Item # 63792)

Promote "The Vault," an all-night event for students.

Choose a trendy product that can be fully customized.

Promotional Energy Drink, item #63792

A Motivators promotional consultant helped Virginia Schultz, communications manager at Summit Church, pick a promotional product that kids would love. They chose to distribute energy drinks because it fit well with Summit Church's upcoming event - an overnight lock-in, dubbed "The Vault" - and could be customized to include event info.

A graphic designer for Summit Church came up with the look and theme for this year's event, and Motivators' art team used that artwork for the energy drink. It was important that the energy drink's appearance complemented the rest of the promotions for The Vault, which were all Viking-themed.

Summit Church distributed the energy drinks to middle school and high school students in the weeks before the event. "We had a display in our lobbies so kids and families could grab information on Sundays leading up to the event," Virginia told us via email.

Displays promoting The Vault, complete with 8-foot Viking ships, were set up at all three Summit Church campuses. Virginia included the energy drinks in each display. "Kids were encouraged to take them because we put a sticker on them with dates and times," she said. This gave the kids and their parents everything they needed to know about the overnight event.

The giveaways were successful in promoting The Vault. More than 250 students came out for the event, and they loved their energy drinks, which helped them stay up until their 8:00 a.m. pickup time.

"We were really pleased with how the energy drinks have turned out," Virginia told us. "Rhonda [was] fantastic about knowing exactly what we needed and communicating about production and shipping."


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