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Showcase Your Company With a Practical Product

Company: Hunt & Tuegel PLLC Criminal Defense Firm
Product: Gem Cut Keytags (Item # 56352)

Showcase a company by creating a technological item that will be used on a daily basis.

Pat Ritter, the Office Manager and Legal Assistant for Hunt & Tuegel PLLC criminal defense firm, was looking for a specific promotional product for the firm. She wanted a product that company employees could take to the District Attorney's office or US Attorney's office in order to obtain discovery (documents and/or pictures) to use in criminal defense cases.

Gem Cut Keytag, item #56352

The filter tool on helped Pat to pick the most perfect product for the firm. "Your website was nice and you had a lot of choices," Pat said. "A little secret about me, I hate to shop, so your site was easy to navigate and had great pictures."

After some looking around, Pat decided to go with the Gem Cut Keytags, and branded the law firm's name and telephone number on the product. The filter option on the Motivators website helped her to narrow down her choices.

The results were incredible and the product came out just as Pat had hoped for. Said Pat: "They were pretty and sturdy and simple." The product was able to brand the firm's name, while also being used for getting things done. The Keytag helped the company in more ways than branding.

Many times sales consultants help out our customers to make the process run smoother, but Pat was able to shop and purchase the items completely on her own. And what did people have to say about the new promotional products?

"They are impressed with the appearance and simplicity," Pat said.


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