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Promotional Product Case Studies

"According to a 2004 study done by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) over 52% of people who received a promotional product did business with the advertiser." Why believe market research, when you can see for yourself just how effective promotional products are? Our promotional product case studies are designed to educate and inform you about the proven success rate of promotional giveaways. These advertising case studies will give you an introspective look into the eye of the client and help you determine which promotional giveaway is right for you.

Showcase Your Company With a Practical Product
Gem Cut Keytags (Item # 56352)
Company: Hunt & Tuegel PLLC Criminal Defense Firm
Pat Ritter, the Office Manager and Legal Assistant for Hunt & Tuegel PLLC criminal defense firm, was looking for a specific promotional product for the firm. The filter tool on helped Pat to pick the most perfect product ...

Promote an Event with Promotional Beverages
Promotional Energy Drink (Item # 63792)
Company: Summit Church
A Motivators promotional consultant helped Virginia Schultz, communications manager at Summit Church, pick a promotional product that kids would love. They chose to distribute energy drinks because it fit well with Summit ...

Spread Awareness with Promotional Bags
Evergreen Drawstring Backpack (Item # 39556)
Company: Red Bag
San Diego and around the world every day. And it all depends on a high-quality, eye-catching bag. Finding the right bag for Red Bag was easy for McRoskey thanks to Motivators’ Quick Quote feature, which allows shoppers ...

Raise Awareness with Promotional Key Chains
Football Squeezie Keyring (Item # 151445)
Company: Tecumseh Schools Levy Committee
Jim Leathley, Co-Chairman for the Tecumseh Schools Levy Committee, was looking for a product that would help raise awareness for an upcoming vote. Because he knew he would be handing out his giveaways at a high school football game ...

Rebrand with Corporate Gifts
Rectangular LED Light Key Chain (Item # 27543)
Company: Putnam Lieb Potvin - Attorneys At Law
After doing some research on promotional gifts, the attorneys at Putnam Lieb Potvin decided to order from Motivators because they were impressed with the wide range of products available. Rhonda, a Motivators promotional consultant ...

Advertise In-Store with Promotional Pens
Pocket Master Retractable Pens (Item # 40059)
Company: Art-O-Mat
Clark's company, Art-o-mat, specializes in transforming retired cigarette vending machines into art dispensers. Clark wanted to fill one of his machines with a vintage-style promotional pen as an in-store campaign. He found ...

Recognize Employees with Swag for Their Kids
Rabbit Skins Infant Lap Shoulder Creeper (Item # 62419)
Company: Higher Logic
Because many of Higher Logic's employees have young ones at home, the staff came up with an idea to create custom orange gear for children. Motivators promotional consultant Laura helped Higher Logic make its selection by offering several ...

Thank Your Clients with Promotional Notebooks
Promotional Colorplay Leather Journal (Item # 37190)
Company: Higher Logic
Higher Logic wanted to make an executive style promotional notebook for its clients to thank them for filling out its satisfaction survey. The main requirement was that it had to match Higher Logic's brand color, which is a bright orange ...


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