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A Guide to Winter Gifts

Are you thinking about giving out winter gifts to your customers and clients this year? It's the perfect way to remain in their hearts even after the excitement of the holiday season has died down.

If you're looking for help choosing a great winter giveaway for your audience, you've come to the right place. We've constructed this guide to assist you in selecting a winter product that your recipients will appreciate and use frequently. Consider the following points when deciding on your gift:

Help them celebrate

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year. That's what makes it such an appropriate time for giving away promotional winter gifts. Whether you choose to give out holiday gift sets or calendars for the New Year, your gift is sure to put a smile on customers' faces.

If your budget won't allow you to purchase gifts for everyone, consider sending out a greeting card instead. We've got cards for all occasions, including Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year.

Get them healthy

A cold winter can wreak havoc on our bodies. From dry, chapped skin to the dreaded flu, there are many health issues that come up in the cold weather months.

Motivators offers many products that help prevent illness and treat symptoms. Why not distribute some of our health and wellness giveaways this season? Lip balm, cold and flu kits, tissues and hand sanitizers all make great winter gifts. Giving away these items will remind your customers and clients that their health is important to you.

Keep them cozy

Staying healthy throughout the winter is of utmost importance, but keeping cozy is key too! That's why some of our most popular winter gifts are apparel like fleeces, jackets and coats. These warm items are always appreciated and can help your brand get noticed throughout multiple seasons. Add hand warmers, hats, scarves and/or gloves for a complete package.

We also sell products that help warm up the home. Branded tea, coffee and hot chocolate are just what your customers and clients need to thaw out on a frigid winter day. Your company name and logo will be seen every time they reach for a hot drink. And who could pass up good, old fashioned comfort food? Offer food baskets and chocolate gifts to charm away the winter chill. Blankets and candles add warmth, as well. Best of all, your brand will live on in the hearts and homes of recipients, providing long-lasting exposure.

Promote safe driving

Another way to reach your target audience this season is by giving away products that will keep recipients safe during snow and ice storms. Hand out items like ice scrapers and snowbrushes. Those within colder regions might even want to consider distributing roadside safety kits. Advise your recipients to keep them in their cars; your branded item could help the save the day when a strong winter storm hits.

We can't wait to help you create wonderful winter gifts! For more creative ideas, feel free to speak directly with a promotional consultant by calling (800) 525-9600 or chatting with us online. We're determined to help you build giveaways that will warm your customers' hearts and homes all winter long.

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