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Brand Your Business Delicious with Chocolate

Who can resist the rich and creamy taste of chocolate? How would you like for your brand to be that irresistible? It can be, simply by customizing chocolate with your name and logo. Whether it's with printed wrapping, packaging or even a custom-shaped mold, your recipients are not likely to soon forget such a unique and tasty treat.

Branding Opportunities:

Holiday Gifts
Something about the holiday season just calls out for sweets. Send chocolate gift boxes or custom-shaped chocolates to your top clients as a "thank you" for their business. This is a great way to show your gratitude and make your brand memorable at the same time. If you want to take it a step further, you could also hand out custom-wrapped chocolates to each of your employees as a small gesture they are sure to appreciate.

Trade Show Giveaways
Chocolate certainly knows how to draw a crowd. Entice people over to your booth with chocolate giveaways paired with another item that they can take home with them. They'll come over for the chocolate, stay for your great conversation, and leave with a parting gift - what a great way to make a lasting impression.

Wedding & Party Favors
Buying chocolate with your logo makes for a fabulous favor for parties, large and small. From a corporate holiday party to a Bar- or Bat-Mitzvah to a wedding, there are promotional chocolates for all different budgets and themes. Chocolate makes a unique favor that people are not soon to forget. Plus, customized chocolate is relatively inexpensive so you can get your message out there without breaking the bank.

Types of Chocolate:

Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes. Everything from small, wrapped pieces to large, breakable bars to filled containers makes excellent gifts and giveaways. Here are just some of the options you have when choosing the type of chocolate for your needs.

  • Individually wrapped
  • Gift boxes
  • Custom wrapping
  • Custom molded
  • Stock shapes
  • Coins and medallions
  • Cookies
  • Candy combos

Other Considerations:

While every effort is made to make sure branded chocolate arrives to you intact, if you are not set up to keep it cool in hot weather it's likely to melt. Keep in mind the temperature at which your chocolates will be stored, how you intend to transport them and what the weather will be like where you'll be distributing them for best results.

At Motivators, we offer a variety of options to keep your chocolate from melting during shipping. When the outside temperature is above 70-75 degrees or between the months of April and September, we recommend two-day shipping and refrigeration. We can pack your cartons with ice packs to keep your items cool or provide refrigerated trucks on large shipments at an additional charge. Call us to find out what the best option is for your particular needs.

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