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Buying Branded USB Devices

USB devices are items and accessories that you can connect to your computer via a USB port. In this digital age, USB ports can power a variety of products from lamps to fans. Giving your audience branded USB devices is a smart way to position your brand as forward-thinking and tech-savvy.

Which product is the right giveaway for your company or organization? Allow us to help you explore your choices.

Flash Drives

Perhaps the most popular USB device is the flash drive (also known as a memory stick, thumb drive or jump drive). It's a great item because it's small, useful and versatile. A USB flash drive can hold a ton of information; recipients can use it to store data, back up important files, transfer music, store memorable photos and more. In a way, a flash drive is a lot like an external hard drive, but way more portable.

Flash drives are available in a variety of sizes. Your giveaway can hold as little as 512 MBs worth of data or as much as 8 GBs. It all depends on what you decide is right for your audience! Keep in mind that if you are looking to preload your flash drive with branding materials (e.g. brochures), it's better to choose a device that can hold more data.


What does a USB hub do? These useful items can expand one USB port into several, making more ports available for additional devices. Motivators' branded USB hubs are available in different shapes and sizes.

Most USB hubs are designed to add four ports to your computer. Standard hubs come in a rectangular shape and feature a classic look. However, other styles are available. Perhaps you are looking for a more creative approach. If so, you might want to consider other designs like the puzzle USB hub, the expandable turtle hub and the hub dude 2.0.

Other USB devices

There are many more options too, including fans and lights. Each product will help your recipients in a different way. Let's go over a few more popular choices:

  • Chargers are great for anyone who's constantly on the go. They allow you to recharge mobile USB devices (like MP3 players and phones) through a USB connection that runs through your computer.
  • Adapters are quite popular among frequent travelers. Motivators offers AC to USB adapters, travel adapters, and auto adapters.
  • Card readers are ideal for photography-enthusiasts. These handy devices allow users to plug popular memory cards (like SD and SIM) right into their computers.
  • Webcams can be used to record videos, engage in live chat and more. Give them away to highly-social customers and clients.

Remember, your USB device giveaway should not only help your recipients in some way, but also promote your business or organization. Find an item that matches your company's style, and you'll be on your way to branding success in no time. To learn more about our branded USB devices, speak with one of our promotional consultants by calling (800) 525-9600 or chatting with us online.

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