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Buying Ice Scrapers

If winter weather is an issue in your part of the world, choosing to promote your company or organization with ice scrapers is a brilliant idea. Your customers and clients will surely use your giveaway all season long, helping to boost your brand for months.

Depending on your audience, one ice scraper may be more appropriate than another. We've created this guide to help you choose an item your recipients will love using.

What's your budget like?

Most basic imprintable ice scrapers are available for around the same price -- under $1. Their affordable cost makes these products ideal for reaching a large audience. However, if you've got a bigger budget (or if you're just looking for something more high-end), you'll be happy to know Motivators offers premium ice scrapers as well. Use Motivators' Price (Per Item) Filter when browsing to instantly eliminate products outside of your price range.

Looking for a particular size?

Our ice scrapers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Which is right for you? Consider your audience and then size of your imprint when deciding.

Motivators offers many pocket-sized scrapers that are great for individuals who are always on the go. These credit card-sized ice scrapers can easily be stored in wallets, bags and glove compartments. They can even be attached to a key chain! Give them out to people who travel often.

One downfall to choosing smaller ice scrapers is that you will have fewer customization options. If you have a larger logo or want to include a lot of text, select a product with more surface area. Motivators' bigger ice scrapers range in size from about 7-10 inches.

Are your recipients eco-aware?

Did you know that many of our ice scrapers are made from environmentally-friendly materials? If your customers and clients strive to lead eco-friendly lifestyles, they will love receiving one of our 100 percent post-consumer recycled ice scrapers. We even offer ice scrapers made from biodegradable corn plastic!

Need a product that does more?

Ice scrapers sure are useful during the cold months. But if you live in a region that sees warmer weather too, you might want a product with more features. Some of Motivators' ice scrapers double as squeegees and can therefore be used year-round. Your recipients will love not having to buy two separate tools.

Motivators also sells ice scraper mitts that feature water-resistant gloves. These are especially great in colder climates. Now your customers and clients can stay warm as they chisel the ice and snow away from their cars.

Is the snow really piling up?

Motivators' ice scrapers will come in handy often for your customers. But to remove thicker layers of snow, they might need a bigger tool. If blizzards are common where you live, consider distributing promo snow brushes. Your recipients will appreciate having a bulkier brush to deal with heavier storms.

Ice scrapers are the ideal giveaway for the winter season. Your recipients will use them in times of need, helping to position your company as one that truly cares. Our hope is that this guide has helped you zero in on a product your recipients will love using. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to speak with a promotional consultant by calling (800) 525-9600 or chatting with us online!

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