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Choosing to Buy USA Made Promos

There are lots of reasons why people opt to buy products that were made in the USA over ones manufactured internationally; some purchase items that were made domestically just to show their patriotism, while others do it out of safety concerns.

If you're shopping for promos made in the USA, you might be surprised at how many different products are available. Indeed, we've got everything from apparel to tools. Following this guide guarantees you will find the American-made promos you are looking for.

Already buy locally grown?

Purchasing produce that was grown locally is becoming more and more popular. And it's with good reason; Sustainable Table, an organization that celebrates local sustainable food, asserts that community foods are tastier and fresher. Plus, purchasing food locally helps support family farms and rural communities.

Let's look beyond produce for a moment. Motivators offers hundreds of food products made in the USA. You can confidently purchase everything from chocolate and candies to smoked turkeys and hams. Doing so is a great way to support the US while knowing you're giving away high-quality, delicious food.

Shopping for clothes?

Buying locally-grown produce has become quite common, but so has shopping for American-manufactured apparel. Many individuals choose to buy clothes that were made in the US to support the American economy. In fact, in a way it's become a fashion statement. According to the Los Angeles Times, one survey found that "the U.S. ranked highest on the scale measuring quality in luxury goods manufacturing," topping both France and Italy.

On Motivators' website you'll find a variety of USA-made apparel, including wristbands, bandanas, and visors. You can confidently purchase these items knowing that you're contributing to the national economy while buying stylish, top-notch merchandise.

Popular products made in the USA:.

  • Apparel: From t-shirts and tanks for men and women to children's onesies, many items of clothing are made in the USA.
  • Bags: Premium stitched briefcases made in the USA are available at
  • Drinkware: You'll find a great selection of drinkware made in the USA, including stadium cups, coasters and water bottles.

Note: Not all products for sale at are manufactured within the United States. To shop products manufactured domestically, look for products marked with our Made in USA icon. (See image below.)

People choose to buy products made in the USA for a number of reasons. No matter what your motive, know that you can trust Motivators for the highest-quality, American-made promos. And as always, if you require any further assistance in finding the perfect product for you, just give us a call at (800) 525-9600.

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