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Deciding on a Union-Made Promo

If you're thinking about buying union-made promos, you probably already know that doing so can help create good-paying union jobs in the United States. Union-made items are high-quality and American-made. When you purchase these giveaways, you're supporting union jobs that will help rebuild America's economy.

But what kind of handouts are you looking for? There are dozens of union-made promos to choose from, and this guide will help you narrow down your options. Consider the follow questions, and you'll be steps closer to finding the perfect fit:

Looking for household items?

If you want to promote buying union-made items, you might want to start in the home. Products like mugs, clocks and calendars are used daily in houses across America. Distributing union-made versions of these handouts will help open recipients' eyes about the top-notch goods that can be purchased within our very own country.

You can also teach kids about the importance of buying union-made promos at a young age. Motivators offers a wide selection of union-made games and toys that are tons of fun!

Remember, all of these giveaways can be imprinted with your company's name, logo and message. Imagine the impact your union-made promos could have on the people who receive them?

Stocking up on office supplies?

Products like pens, clipboards and computer accessories are necessary in any office. When shopping for these supplies, why not buy union-made? Your purchase will not only boost employee morale, but it will also keep union companies in business. What a fantastic way to set a good example for your staff members.

Traveling internationally?

A lot of people buy USA and union-made promos to showcase their patriotism. This is especially true for those going abroad. If your clients and customers are traveling internationally, consider equipping them with luggage and travel items, calendars and bags that were union-made in the US. Recipients will happily take your handouts on their journeys, and they'll love showing off their American-made items to their new friends.

See that "Union Made" icon?

Companies that boast union-made products often print them with the "Union Bug," a union label. The marking indicates that the item was in fact manufactured by a union company. While browsing Motivators' website, you'll notice pages for products that are union-made feature a special icon. You can trust Motivators to carry the best union-made promos; just look for the symbol! (See below.)

Note: Not all products made in the USA are union-made.

There are so many union-made promos to browse through, so if you still haven't found what you're looking for, don't worry at all. Simply get in touch with our promotional consultants at (800) 525-9600, and they'll help you determine which items are right for you.

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