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Discovering the Best Picture Frame Promos

While digital photography is all the rage, people still love printing and framing their shots to share with friends and family. So if you're looking for a giveaway that will surely be used, distributing photo frames is a fantastic idea. But with so many to choose from how will you decide which is right for your audience? Read through this guide to discover the best picture frame promos.

Want to make the office homier?

When you're having a stressful day at work, there's nothing better than taking a breath to reflect on fond memories. That's why distributing picture frame promos at your office or place of work is such a good idea. Your staff members will be delighted to frame their favorite shots and put them on display for their peers to see.

But not every photo frame is office-appropriate. If you work in a professional environment, stick with picture frames made from metal or leather. They're sleek, high-quality, and will certainly match your workplace's motif. Digital photo frames are also smart! They can display a number of photos without taking up too much room on your desk.

Need photo frames for the home?

Certain frames can transform an ordinary room into a family room. So if you're looking for a giveaway that will be set up in your customers' houses, there are a few you'll want to consider. Wooden picture frames are classy without being off-putting. Their inviting designs will help turn your customers' houses into welcoming homes.

Picture frame magnets are also hugely popular with homeowners. Hand these out to your customers, and your logo will shine on their refrigerators, file cabinets, etc. Other photo frame items that your customers will love include photo friends (which are great for kids' bedrooms) and eco-friendly frames (ideal for those who live a green lifestyle).

Are your customers on the go?

One of the toughest parts about traveling is being away from your loved ones. If your clients and customers are constantly on the move, help them out by giving away digital photo keychains. These neat products are small enough for recipients to take wherever they go -- whether they're headed for a business trip or a long vacation. Digital picture keychains also provide brilliant exposure for your brand; your name and logo will be spotted all over!

Expecting more than one photo?

With the exception of digital frames, picture frame promos have only enough room for one photo. If your giveaways need to store several prints, you might want to consider a full photo album. There are several varieties available, so whether you're shopping for an album for the home or the office, you'll be able to find what you need.

Commemorating a corporate event?

From company holiday parties to ribbon cutting ceremonies, there are dozens of corporate events each year you'll want to remember. Celebrate the best times by framing your next company photo. Imprint the photo frame with your company logo and the occasion will be even more memorable.

Celebrating something special?

If you're searching for a unique way to ask your friends and family to Save the Date for your wedding, sweet 16 or other important event, printing your message on a picture frame is a lovely idea. Send out your imprinted picture frames in advance of the big day to ensure everyone reserves it for you. Your guests will love using the gift to frame their favorite moments!

Customized picture frames also make fantastic party favors, holiday gifts and prizes. Your recipients will absolutely appreciate the gesture. Don't forget to personalize your giveaways with a customized message.

There are plenty of options when it comes to photo frames, but finding the ideal giveaway for your audience ensures it will be used frequently and seen by many. Answering these questions will help you determine which picture frame promo is best suited for your customers. And if you feel we've left one of your questions unanswered, don't hesitate to give our promotional consultants a call at (800) 525-9600.

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