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Dress for Success with Corporate Apparel

Putting your company name and logo on clothing is ideal for brand exposure when your staff is out of the office. Whenever your company or organization participates in an event - whether it's a fundraiser, trade show or business meeting - provide your staff with matching, logoed apparel. Use corporate dress shirts to create a unified image, with the colors and logos matching. Not only will this help passers-by identify members of your staff, it will ensure they are presented professionally and build awareness for your company or organization.

How to Choose...

Color: The most appropriate color for your corporate apparel will depend on its intended use. For example, if you are staffing a trade show, you'll want bright colors that will make your team stand out against the crowd. On the other hand, everyday business attire should be subtle and more neutral. If you can use the color or colors of your brand, that is always best.

Type: Corporate apparel is a broad category of products. Narrow down your choices by thinking of your employees and how they will use these items. Think about what the temperature will be like when and where they will be expected to wear your corporate apparel. That will help you determine whether to go with a full-zip fleece jacket or a short-sleeve woven shirt. Also keep in mind if the items need special cleaning and if your employees will be able to clean them while they are on the road.

Size: Because you're buying for your staff, it's easy to order specific sizes. Ask everyone for their preferred size so that you're sure the items fit properly. After all, they are representing your brand so you want them to look their best in professional-looking, logoed clothing. Be sure to also check out the size chart for the items you're considering because sizes often vary by brand or material. If you're unsure, you can play it safe by ordering a sample or asking your promotional consultant for his or her recommendation on sizing.

Imprint Style: The most common types of imprints for corporate apparel are screen printing and embroidery; however, you are not limited to these options. Screen printing (or silk screening as it is sometimes called) uses ink and can be used on virtually any type of material and any size item. This style is most popular for t-shirts and more casual attire with only one or two colors as it will not be able to show gradients and half-tones properly. Embroidery uses thread to actually stitch an image into fabric. It gives corporate apparel like polos and dress shirts a more professional look and allows you to use many colors, typically with 5,000-10,000 stitches.. If you're not sure what type of imprint to use, your promotional consultant can help guide you toward the best choice and give you a pricing estimate based on your particular logo.

Your staff is the face of your company. Dress them, and your brand, for success with corporate apparel.

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