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Electronic Giveaways Guide

Choosing electronic giveaways shows your customers and clients that you can keep up with the changing times. It proves your company's innovation and understanding of technology.

These types of items offer a level of convenience that your clientele will value. Customers and employees of all ages can benefit from certain electronic giveaways. But advanced technology isn't for everyone, so consider demographics and lifestyle before you decide to go with an item that is particularly high-tech.

Targeting an Audience

The broad electronics category is often best suited for a younger demographic of teens and young adults; however certain items may appeal to other age groups as well. To choose which items would capture your target audience, think about aspects like the level of technology involved and how easy the item is to operate.

College & High School Students may need some sort of electronic device for class. Some schools require, but do not provide, calculators; your company or organization could save parents from having to purchase them and expose the students to your brand at the same time.

In addition, flash drives (or memory sticks) are often used by students to transport work from computer to computer. They make group projects easier to manage because students can bring files like Word documents and PowerPoint presentations together after working individually, or they can each save the project to finish working separately.

These devices allow students flexibility to work on assignments at home, the library or even study hall and save their work to the same file so they can simply pick up where they left off. They come in handy on a daily basis and can even aid their education.

Teachers and Educators can also benefit from flash drives, working on lesson plans and other educational materials outside of work and easily transferring or transporting files. For this group, however, laser pointers may be most useful. These items come in all shapes and sizes and can prove very practical for presentations.

Some laser pointers double as a pen, adding another layer of functionality. Magnetic laser pointers are another option that may be convenient; teachers can store them on filing cabinets in the classroom so that they are always on hand and ready to go for any lesson.

Tech-Savvy Young Adults just love the latest and greatest in digital media. Products like iPads and iPods as well as the corresponding cases and accessories will be a big hit with this group of individuals. Other digital media players and Mp3 players may be more cost-effective and still prove useful as well.

Cameras are also a good option for young adults and even more seasoned adults. Though not as popular as they once were, disposable cameras do serve their purpose. Not all digital cameras come with a convenient carrying case, so consider camera cases as another viable option. They cost less than most digital cameras and could be just as valuable to recipients.

In addition, cell phone accessories like screen cleaners, cases, holders and charging adaptors are a great choice for this audience. People sometimes are reluctant to purchase items like these, don't know where to find them, or simply have yet to realize the convenience of having them. This offers the perfect situation for branding.

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Electronic giveaways that have the ability to hold information offer additional opportunities for marketing your company or organization. Not only do you expose people to your brand from the imprint on the outside of the device, but you can also pre-load information about your brand within the device.

For example, if you're handing out promotional flash drives, you could load files like a brochure, intro video or company bio on it beforehand. This way when the recipient uses the device your information is front and center for that person to explore if he or she chooses. At the same time, your logo, company name and tagline would already be in sight on the outside of the device. You can apply this same principle to digital media players and Mp3 players as well.

Motivators can make sure your files are on the devices before you even receive them, saving you tons of time. If you would like to pre-load these types of items with a particular file or files, just mention this feature at checkout or call and speak to one of our promotional consultants for more information.

Electronic giveaways appeal to a wide variety of people and portray your business as one that is growing and advancing along with technology, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

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