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Fidget Fever! Everything You Need to Know About Branded Fidget Spinners

Do you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is over fidget toys? Here is a quick overview of the who, what, when, where and why of branded fidget spinners:

The What

Fidget spinners are a type of toy that have recently exploded into the market. The three-prong spinner is the most common type of spinner and resembles a three-leaf clover. There are also single-bar spinners that are smaller and easy to spin as well as wheel fidget spinners (shaped like wagon wheel) that spin like a regular fidget or can be placed on a surface once they're spinning and will roll like a car tire.

Most branded fidget spinners available are made of plastic or metal, though these toys can be fashioned from any number of materials.

The Who

People of all ages can enjoy fidget spinners printed with your logo. Kids and adults are equally entranced by their captivating whirring sound. They are so much more than just toys. Fidget spinners can act as stress relievers for people with anxiety as well as tools to help students with ADHD and autism focus.

Their diverse appeal makes them appropriate giveaways for virtually any target audience.

The Where

Due to their ability to help students focus, you will often find fidget spinners in schools from elementary on up through colleges. And thanks to the calming effect playing with these gadgets can have, they've made their way into the corporate world as well. You may even have one sitting on your desk at work right now.

Fidget spinners make the perfect branded giveaway because they can fit easily into your pocket, trade show tote bag or purse. Hand them out at conventions, as gifts with purchase or even mailers.

The When

NOW is the time to distribute fidget spinners printed with your name and logo. Their popularity is only continuing to rise. These fun little toys could be the next Rubik's cube... so strike while the iron is hot!

The Why

Fidget spinners have tremendous retail appeal right now. Everywhere you go, there they are. Customers, clients and prospects get excited when they have seen the item you're giving away on the shelves at retail stores. When your brand is associated with top trending products, the gift you give has a higher perceived value.

Plus, these toys are small and affordable - budget-friendly even. People often have multiples all around them... on their desk at work or school, in the car, by the phone, in their purse or pocket... which means your brand has the opportunity to be seen all throughout the day not just by the person using the fidget spinner but by everyone around that person as well.

How Do I Choose the Right Fidget Spinner for My Brand?

Now that you have the facts about what fidget spinners are, how do you choose which one is right for your brand? It's all about personal preference, but here are some examples of the types of spinners available to you:

Standard Fidget Spinners

Standard spinners are available in all types of colors. They vary by weight and spin time. The material (metal vs. plastic) will greatly determine the feel and vibration it gives off. While they are all similar in construction, each one may feel slightly different.

If you're looking for a simple giveaway, choose a branded fidget spinner that goes well with your company colors and allows your logo to pop.

Standard Fidget Spinner
Novelty Fidget Spinners

Novelty spinners offer a fun twist on the everyday fidget spinner. They may be small spinners attached to a writing utensil or they may be full-sized spinners that light up.

Whatever you choose, make sure the novelty of it goes along with your company's message. And remember that novelty spinners may be more distracting than other spinners; so if your goal is to raise awareness about these devices helping students to focus, you may want to opt for a standard printed fidget spinner.

Novelty Fidget Spinner
Themed Fidget Spinners

Themed spinners are truly unique. They often offer designs or shapes on the prongs that are industry or event-specific. They can be really useful marketing tools for industry trade shows, for example. Themed spinners are also good for events such as holiday parties or sporting events.

These types of promotional fidget spinners are best for niche markets.

Themed Fidget Spinner
What About Safety?

When it comes to toys, safety is often a concern - especially since these items are so wide reaching in their audience. Both adults and kids (including kids under 12) enjoy these toys. If you intend for your giveaway to be used primarily by kids, choose ones that are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). CPSIA-compliant fidget spinners adhere to the standards for lead and phthalates, are third-party tested, and are tracked for proof of compliance.

Where Does My Imprint Go?

The total size of a standard fidget spinner is 3x3" with the imprint area being .75" in diameter. You can choose to pad or screen print in either a single color or in full, brilliant color. No matter which you choose, your logo will be right in the center for all to see.

Hopefully this fidget spinner buying guide has helped to answer all of the questions that have been on your mind. Of course if you have any more, please call us at 1-800-525-9600 to talk with a promotional consultant.

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