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Finding Fantastic Promo Frisbees

There are few promotional items that scream fun as much as Frisbees do. They're great for a variety of occasions from outdoor picnics and barbeques to trade shows. If you're looking to add a little excitement to your next event, you've come to the right place.

You'll notice that Motivators' Frisbees come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. It's important to have more than one option when searching for a product that will promote and represent your company. Let's work on finding one that matches your organization's look perfectly.

Want to keep it classic?

Many of Motivators' Frisbees feature the traditional style you learned to love growing up. These impirintable disc-shaped plastic toys are built so that when they're tossed into the air, your logo will soar higher than ever before.

But even among classic-looking promo Frisbees there is some variety. You've got a couple of different options when it comes to choosing a size.

  • Mini flyers are generally between four and five inches in diameter. They are well-suited for indoor events and can be easily transported at trade shows and conventions.
  • Large discuses range in size, but are usually at least seven inches and can be as big as 10 inches in diameter. Because of their larger size, you might want to only distribute big Frisbees at outdoor occasions. Safety first!

Looking for something lightweight?

The mini Frisbee features a compact size, but because it's made out of hard plastic it can still feel awkward and heavy for some. That's why Motivators offers lighter options made out of breathable materials like nylon and ABS plastic. These promo Frisbees also fold up so that they can be taken anywhere. They even fit into purses and backpacks!

Hoping to stand out from the crowd?

Sometimes you just want to be noticed. Several of Motivators' promo flyers feature a unique style that will help set your brand apart from competitors. For example, many of our Frisbees are shaped like a ring; they really stand out next to ordinary flying discs. These distinctively-shaped items allow you to imprint all the way around the perimeter, helping to make your message more noticeable.

Motivators carries other fascinating flyers as well, including one that expands and shrinks automatically as it's thrown and another that is shaped like helicopter blades. Best of all, although these Frisbees differ in size and shape, they can still be printed with your name and message.

What's your favorite sport?

Maybe you play a sport or perhaps you're ordering giveaways to promote your favorite team. If so, you're in luck! At you'll find folding flyers designed to look just like baseballs, basketballs, and soccer balls. These items are also ideal for sports-themed parties and pep rallies.

Want to show the Earth some love?

If you had the chance to be a little more eco-friendly, would you take it? If you answered yes, you'll be pleased to know that several of Motivators' promo Frisbees are made from 100 percent recycled materials. That's right; your company can promote its green message confidently using one of our many recycled flyers. There's no better way to show your audience that going green can be a ton of fun!

Selling to students?

Promo Frisbees have always been a big hit on school campuses. Whether you want to promote your university or club, these giveaways are sure to capture the attention of recipients. Hand them out at orientation, at the dining hall, or at the dorms.

As you can see, Frisbees don't just come in one size and shape anymore. Why do we offer so many different choices? It's simple, really: We want to help you create a promo flyer that really reflects your company's personality. Answering the above questions should help you find fantastic promo Frisbees your recipients will love. For more assistance in finding a suitable flyer, chat with us online or speak with a promotional consultant directly at (800) 525-9600.

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