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Flashlight Buying Guide

The flashlight is a tool that comes in handy more often than you might realize. Whether you're going on a camping trip or prepping for an emergency weather situation, it's important to remember to bring a flashlight along.

If you're looking to promote your company or organization with a truly useful giveaway, a branded flashlight is definitely worth considering. Which item is right for your recipients? To help you decide, let's go over a few different ways flashlights are commonly used.


Do your customers love the great outdoors? If so, give them a flashlight that they'll be able to use while they're braving the elements. For example, Motivators' eco-friendly flashlights do not require batteries, making them perfect for anyone going camping, hiking, etc. These incredible products are powered either by hand or by the sun.

Carabiner flashlights are also great for outdoorsy individuals. These helpful little tools can be hooked to backpacks, belts and more! Their portability makes them ideal for events and programs that require lots of running or walking.


Night lights can help make homes and offices feel a little bit safer. If your brand wants to spread a message of security, these giveaways are a fantastic idea. Distribute them at family and community events, and imprint them with your message to make a big impression.

Disaster preparedness:

Help community members prepare for oncoming storms and other emergency situations by giving away the best and brightest flashlights around. Our LED flashlights contain powerful light bulbs that can illuminate even the darkest of rooms. They're particularly helpful when the power goes out!

Motivators proudly carries the following high-quality brands to ensure the safety of your recipients:

  • Garrity
  • Maglite
  • Brookstone
  • Duracell


Are your clients constantly on the move? We've got two types of branded flashlights that are particularly useful for frequent travelers. Motivators' key lights, for instance, can be attached to a key chain for easy access. They're sure to be well-received, especially by anyone who drives often.

Pocket lights are easily transported, too. Their light weight and small size make them popular giveaways for travel agents, airlines and more.

Other points to consider:

  • Color: When shopping for flashlights (or any promotional product), it's important to choose your colors wisely. Your giveaway should reflect your brand's attitude and style. To stay consistent, try to match your logo's colors.
  • Material: Keep in mind that flashlights are available in more than one material. Motivators offers flashlights made from aluminum, plastic, wood and more.

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