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Fundraising with Promotional Products

From schools and churches to businesses of all industries, fundraisers present a great opportunity for you to not only raise money and awareness for your cause but for your organization as well. Use promotional products to thank people for their donations, for sales to fund your cause, or as giveaways to spread your message.

Fundraising with Product Sales

Unfortunately, school programs are sometimes eliminated due to budget cuts and lack of funding. There are organizations like the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and even clubs that will raise money to keep these programs going. Among various food and holiday fundraisers, promotional products are often used to help the cause.

Whether you're raising money for a sport team's new uniforms, to organize an educational field trip, or to help fund a music and art program that is in danger of being cut, selling fundraiser swag is a great way to supplement the lack of funding.

Other non-profit organizations like churches, shelters, charities and awareness groups are often in need of some ideas to help raise money. Host a car wash and hand out promotional auto items to those who participate, or host a bake sale and package your goodies in branded plastic bags to keep your message fresh. Whatever your fundraising event, you can find great customizable products to go along with it and help you reach your goal.

Another idea to raise funds is to use these items as an incentive to reach a certain dollar amount. The person to donate or raise the most wins a prize! Or the donation that puts you over your goal wins a prize. The possibilities are endless when that prize is a promotional product that will serve as a constant reminder of your cause.

And don't forget about the opportunity that businesses have to get involved in non-profit fundraising. Sponsor events by putting your name and logo on the fundraising products that the organization will be selling to build your brand awareness too.

Giveaways for Awareness & Charity Events

Using promotional products as giveaways to show appreciation for a fundraiser's donations and participants is a whole different game than selling products as part of your fundraiser. With product sales, you can choose more high-end items because the sales will absorb the cost and the profit will go to support your cause; with fundraiser giveaways and swag, you want to try to stick to more inexpensive items that you can buy in bulk and hand out easily. Choose items that are not as bulky and that will entice passers-by to grab them.

If your event is for a specific cause, chances are participants have a connection to that cause and would appreciate a giveaway that speaks to it. For example, if you're at an adopt-a-thon raising money and awareness for shelter animals, choose promotional pet products to hand out. If you're at a breast cancer walk, choose pink items. If you're at a charity golf tournament for underprivileged kids, choose child-friendly items. If you're... well, you get the point.

Fundraising events are not just for the organizations that create them but also an opportunity for the business community to show their support for the cause. Companies may choose to sponsor an event by providing a refreshment tent with branded food and drink products or handing out promotional products that will be useful for the day's agenda.

Fundraiser Thank You Gifts

Promotional products make ideal thank you gifts. Send them out to anyone who made a donation at your fundraising event. They accomplish two goals: show your appreciation and remind them about your cause. When it comes to fundraisers, don't forget about the people who have donated their time as well. Show your appreciation to the staff and volunteers that helped make your event possible.

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