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Golf Giveaways for a Great Day on the Green

Why Golf Giveaways?

The United States golf industry raises approximately $3.5 billion for charity each year, giving businesses and organizations like yours the perfect opportunity for sponsorship. People of all ages can play golf, making golf-related giveaways appealing to a wide demographic of sophisticated individuals. Though male participants outnumber females, this trend is slowly changing; an increasing number of women are entering into the field of golf.

According to a study published by the National Golf Foundation, there were 28.6 million golfers over the age of six in the U.S. in 2009. Every year more and more people take to golf, whether as beginners or as seasoned golfers honing their skills on the green. While approximately 25% of golfers are seniors, slightly more (26.4%) are in their 30s.

The U.S. golf industry is one of the largest in the world. Almost half of the golfing community holds some sort of professional, management or administrative occupation. If you cater to any of these demographics, golf giveaways could be the best choice for building brand awareness and loyalty.

Which Golf Giveaway?


Golf shirts and polos are not just for golfers. These types of shirts are ideal for corporate casual dress in or out of the office. Branded collared shirts are well suited for meetings and trade shows for any business. Both golf shirts and polo shirts are short-sleeved with three buttons, but there are a few things you want to look for that are specific to golf shirts.

Golf shirts have a double-stitched collar that lays flat as well as a left breast pocket. Because they are designed for playing golf out in the sun, they are usually made from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend or 100% polyester. This type of material wicks moisture away from the skin and onto the outer layer of the shirt so that it evaporates and keeps the wearer cool.


Types of golf bags vary from small to large, depending on what you plan to put inside. When narrowing down your options, take a serious look at your budget because this will be a determining factor.

Small golf bags are ideal for carrying accessories. They often zip shut so that small pieces like tees and golf balls don't fall out. Most cases feature a belt loop attachment so they can be conveniently carried on the green at all times.

Medium-sized golf bags include duffels and shoe bags that are ideal for housing accessories as well as a change of clothing, etc. These bags are great for casual, on-the-go golfers who enjoy a quick and spontaneous game of golf.

Large golf bags that wheel or are free-standing are often used to protect and carry clubs. These items are perfect for avid golfers. Because of the sheer size and higher cost of these bags when compared to others, they are most appropriate for door or raffle prizes, corporate gifts or winning round awards.


Golf games or tournaments mean several hours on the green. In rainy weather or abundant sunshine, golf enthusiasts need the protection that these umbrellas have to offer.

Some are designed to protect just the caddy with a small, narrow arc (ideal for rain), while others boast a larger circumference for multiple people to gather under (rain or shine). In heavy winds vented umbrellas come in handy because they allow some air to escape through the vented top, making them more stable.

Choose golf umbrellas that offer UV protection for those long hours in the sun. Because they still function as rain umbrellas, you can be sure your target audience is covered for any weather that is thrown its way. Equivalent to SPF-50, these umbrellas will help keep your customers, employees and potential business safe from the heat as well as harmful UV rays.

Essentials & Accessories

Golf balls and tees are great for giveaways because they are inexpensive and essential to the game. All golfers need these items and will continue to need them as time goes by, giving you the opportunity to remarket and build brand loyalty.

Additional accessories include:

  • Bag Tags
  • Ball Cleaners
  • Ball Holders
  • Ball Markers
  • Club Covers
  • Divot Fixers
  • Gloves
  • Golf Club Brushes
  • Score Cards
  • Tee and Ball Pouches
  • Tee Holders
  • Towels

Beyond Golfers

Many people who wouldn't call themselves "golfers" participate in charity golfing events or play a casual round every now and then. Just because golf is a game of poise and sophistication, it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on handouts. There are plenty of affordable golf giveaways that your target audience can enjoy both on the green and off.

Of course, these items are sure to be a hit for sponsoring golf tournaments and charity events, but don't be afraid to think outside the box and go beyond golfers. Those who take up the game for the first time each year are equally as likely to benefit from your giveaways. In fact, it could be your giveaway that inspires them to do so.

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