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How to Choose the Perfect Go Green Giveaways

Has your office recently gone green? Maybe you belong to a club or organization that aims to conserve and protect our Earth's natural resources. If you're looking to amplify your environmentally-friendly message, distributing go green giveaways is a smart idea. But which handouts are right for you? Ask yourself the following questions to find the ideal go green giveaway for your organization's message and style:

Who is your target audience?

Who are you looking to distribute your go green giveaways to? Once you determine your target audience, you can more easily find appropriate handouts for conveying your message. For example, students and employees love receiving eco-friendly computer accessories, desktop products, and folios and notebooks. These are items they're sure to use on an almost daily basis, ensuring that your giveaway will have a big impact.

But if you represent a company within the travel industry, your clients will more likely enjoy eco-friendly luggage and travel items, clocks, picture frames, and mugs. These are products they can use during flights, in their hotel rooms, or whenever they're on-the-go. Remember to consider the demographics of your intended audience, and pick out items you know will serve them best while also promoting your message.

What's your brand image?

After you've determined your target audience, the next step is to think about your brand image. How do others perceive you? How would you like to be perceived? After all, being eco-friendly is just one part of your company's identity. This is where the fun begins; fiddle around with different colors and styles to create eco-friendly promotional products that tell recipients a little bit about your company.

It's also smart to consider what type of eco-friendly initiative your company supports. For example, if your store sells organic foods, it would be great to give away organic promotional products. Customers will take your handouts home and always remember that your shop is the organic shop. On the other hand, if you're organizing a recycling program at your school or business, handing out recyclable and recycled items will help boost your message. Always remember that it's important to maintain a cohesive brand style; you don't want to confuse any potential customers or clients.

What's your budget like?

A major component in purchasing the perfect go green giveaway is to decide on a budget. If your handout is part of an overall go green rebranding effort, you'll want to spend a little more. But if you're promoting a particular event or observance, you can probably get away with a smaller budget. No matter what, it's important to stay within your price range; spending too much may have a negative impact on the rest of your campaign.

Although choosing the right go green giveaways may seem like a difficult task, asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down your choices. Through following this guide, you will undoubtedly choose handouts that benefit your customers, promote your company or organization, and most importantly get your eco-friendly message out there. With your help, we can make the Earth a little bit greener, one go green giveaway at a time.

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