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How to Promote Wellness

Where and Who?

Promoting wellness is something that can be done virtually anywhere. Businesses, schools and healthcare facilities are the perfect places to start. If you want to get your company or organization name out there, you could even sponsor a wellness program in addition to hosting your own. Everyone from employees and staff to students to patients and their families can benefit from your wellness promotions.


Wellness programs and events in the workplace are linked to fewer sick days, more productivity and a reduction in long-term healthcare costs. So why not give your staff the tools they need to get and stay well?

When you promote wellness at work, you not only help participants improve their health but help also boost morale and employee loyalty. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is a great way to bring people together and even do wonders for your brand's image.


There are tons of ways you can promote wellness in the workplace. Incentivize your staff by rewarding participation in wellness activities. Some ideas include giving staff extra time to go for a walk during lunch or a points program for using their 15 minute breaks to do the stairs instead of smoking, etc. You can organize a group fitness class at your place of business after work hours, making exercise convenient for participants, or promote preventative care by bringing flu vaccination options to the workplace.

Create Programs to educate your staff. Provide educational materials and hold group meetings to help raise their awareness of common health issues. You can target your wellness programs to make them more manageable. Focus on specific aspects of wellness. Fitness and heart health, diet and nutrition, mental health and stress management, and even smoking cessation are just a few program ideas to get you started. Recruit speakers that can lead sessions and keep employees well-informed.

Participate in Events that have to do with health and wellness. For example, organize a team to participate in a breast cancer awareness walk or a relay for life event. By incorporating promotional products, your participation in the event with not only spread the word about wellness to your staff but to others as well. Choose giveaways that are relevant to the cause for the most impact.

Encourage Competition between employees. Competition is a great way to get people involved. Have strict rules or keep it on the honor system. Either way, a little friendly competition is a fabulous motivator. You could create teams and give each member a pedometer to clock how many miles they walk collectively, or give prizes to whoever can abstain from smoking the longest or lose the most weight in a given time period. Find out what would be most beneficial to your employees and turn it into a competition.


Not sure what to use to encourage participation among your staff? There are many ways you can do it. Giveaways that they can use long after your wellness initiative are effective at helping recipients remember the healthy habits they learned. For example, antibacterial items can be used on a daily basis and will help remind them of your program or event. Other products like stress relievers, pedometers, activewear and more are also great choices.

Beyond wellness giveaways, you can also offer monetary and nonmonetary rewards for participants to promote wellness in the workplace.For example, if an employee is successful in quitting smoking you could offer an extra day of paid time off for the year. What you use to promote wellness in your workplace is entirely up to you, but remember that doing so not only benefits your employees and increases their productivity, but also ultimately helps your bottom line.

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