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How to Shop for Logo Apparel

Did you know that apparel is the most popular category of promotional products? When you put your logo apparel, it's on display for the world to see. The level of exposure your brand will gain is virtually unmatched. It gives you the ability to turn your recipients into walking advertisements for your brand. That means not only they remember your brand, but also that others will see it everywhere they go.

What Material Should I Look for?

Fleece appeals to all demographics but is especially useful in cooler climates. It can be used as a layer inside of a heavier jacket on a cold day or as a light jacket or vest on a moderate day. A lot of people like fleece because it's soft and comfortable.

Eco-friendly apparel is great for the environmentally-conscious. There are several options here in all different types of eco-friendly apparel available. Most eco-friendly apparel is made from recycled cotton, organic cotton or bamboo.

There are also a variety of performance fabrics you can choose from. If your audience is in need of high-performance apparel, these are the types of materials you should consider. You can choose from various wicking fabrics as well as antipill or antimicrobial materials. In addition, you may also find items with additives like teflon to repel stains or a special finish that makes the item water resistant.

What Imprint Style Should I Choose?

Most logo apparel is priced "blank," meaning without the imprint. The imprint style will determine the final cost. The most popular imprint styles are screen printing (also known as silk screening) and embroidery.

For each apparel item, there is a setup and a run charge. The setup for embroidery will always include an extra charge for digitizing, and the run charge will be based on stitch count. Stitch count is dependent upon the size and detail of the logo and will usually include about 5,000-10,000 stitches. So if your logo needs to be very large or has a lot of detail, embroidery may not be the way to go; however, if your logo is simple with many colors it could be the better choice.

Screen printing is typically recommended for a logo with only one color. This method can be used for up to eight colors, but the setup charge will increase as you add additional colors. Unlike embroidery, size and detail are not issues. If you have a large logo with few colors, screen printing will probably be your most cost-effective option.

If you're still unsure about which imprint style to choose, your promotional consultant can give you pricing estimates and professional advice on which method would best suite your needs.

What Size Should I Buy?

When you're buying apparel for your customers and potential customers, you're going to need a range of sizes because you have no way of knowing everyone's exact size. The range will also depend on the type of clothing you choose. For outerwear, it's better to go bigger. Keeping your audience in mind, you can use this chart as a general guide:




























Branding Ideas

Because there are so many options, choosing what type of apparel to put your logo on can sometimes feel overwhelming. That's why we're here to offer a few ideas to help you accomplish your goals.

If your goal is to create a harmonious look and feel among your staff while they're at business meetings or events like trade shows, corporate apparel is the way to go. Items like dress shirts and polos can be useful tools for helping them represent your brand and protect the professionalism of its image. Read our Corporate Apparel Buying Guide for more information about dressing your staff for brand success.

Logoed apparel is often used for uniforms for sports teams and schools as well. While sports teams often need activewear for their uniforms, don't overlook warm-up sweats. Put your team's mascot on sweat pants and sweatshirts so that your sports team is always in uniform when away at a game. School uniforms should follow a more professional look similar to corporate apparel.

If your goal is to increase brand exposure with apparel giveaways, you'll want to choose items that your target audience is most likely to wear often. For this, you can narrow it down by industry. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

Apparel...Branding for...
Activewear & Polo ShirtsFitness Centers & Gyms
Health Clubs
Sports Teams
Healthcare Facilities
Summer Camps
Family Reunions
ApronsFood Service & Cooking
Leisure & Hospitality
Church Bake Sales
GlovesSnow Removal
Gardening Services
Transportation Services
Auto Dealerships
Jackets & OuterwearConstruction
Outdoor Repairs
Emergency Responders
Pajamas, Robes & LoungewearSpas
Health & Beauty
Colleges & Universities
BandanasBoarding Kennels
Sports & Recreation
Travel Agencies
Travel Agencies
Food Services

Items like sweaters, sweats and t-shirts appeal to all demographics, so any industry could use these effectively. T-shirts are often inexpensive and versatile, making them very popular giveaways at events like trade shows, fundraisers, etc. You can even pair them with other promotional products within a branded bag and hand them all out together, adding even more to the perceived value of your brand.

Apparel with your logo opens up a world of opportunity for your company or organization. Take advantage of its popularity and usefulness by distributing printed or embroidered apparel to your employees, customers, potential customers and more!

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