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How to Shop for Logo Notebooks

Distributing notebooks with your company name and logo is a fantastic way to reach customers and clients. After all, people depend on notepads and journals for everything from jotting down to-do lists to writing out essays. But with so many notebooks to choose from, you may be running into some trouble deciding which one is ideal for you.

If you need some help choosing the best logo notebook, read through this guide. We'll go over everything you need to know to find an item that's a perfect fit.

Who's it for (and how will they use it)?

The best place to start when shopping for logoed journals or jotters is to think about your intended audience. Are you looking for notebooks for the students at your school? Will your purchase be distributed to the employees at your office? When you've determined your audience, you can then think about how recipients will use your giveaway. For example, students will use notebooks for homework assignments and essay-writing, while business pros will likely use the handouts for note-taking and organizing.

What size notebook will your audience prefer?

Now that you know a little more about your target audience, you can begin to narrow down the type of notebook you want to buy. Let's go back to an earlier example -- if you're purchasing this product for students, you should probably avoid small notebooks like jotters. These items are generally too tiny for the work that schoolchildren do throughout their day. Whether they're taking notes or doing homework, they'd make much better use out of larger-sized products like ring binders, portfolios, and journals.

On the other hand, busy professionals would undoubtedly prefer portable products like writing pads. These individuals are always on-the-go, and need a notebook they can take with them.

Does size always matter? Not necessarily. But it's important to think about whether the size and shape of your giveaway will impact if and when it's used.

What's your favorite brand?

Are you faithful to a specific brand? Is there one special company you trust for your notebooks and folders? Some people will only purchase Scripto notebooks, while others are completely loyal to Cutter & Buck. If brand name is important to you, you'll be happy to know that it's easy to find jotters, padfolios, and other notebooks that feature your favorite label. You'll be so proud to see your company name and logo beside those of the brands you love.

Are you going green?

If you're searching for giveaways for an organization that's recently "gone green," look for eco-friendly notebooks to help get your message across. These are generally made from recycled products, which is great news for anyone who's looking to be eco-responsible. Of course, environmentally-friendly products aren't right for everyone and every company. But if you are looking to promote a green message, these items are ideal for driving home your point.

How do you shop for logo notebooks? It's easy to find a fitting giveaway once you take all of these thoughts into consideration. Follow the guidelines listed above and you'll locate the perfect notebook handout in no time.

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