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How to Shop for Promotional Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles are on the rise! More and more people are turning to these eco-friendly options not only for travel but for everyday use at the office, the gym and even in the car. One of the most useful promotional products you can buy, water bottles are also versatile in color, shape and size. You have options galore, so let's try to narrow them down based on your individual needs.

What Are You Branding?

Businesses, large and small, can use promotional water bottles to build brand awareness and loyalty. Give them to employees to keep at their desks or bring with them on the go. You can even incorporate them into a corporate wellness program to promote a healthy lifestyle and remind your staff to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Give them out to potential customers to gain new business at trade shows and charity events as well. Recipients will appreciate your useful gift. In fact, according to a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 81% of people surveyed kept promotional products that they found to be useful.

Outside of the corporate world, non-profit and charity organizations can buy water bottles with their logos as fundraisers or volunteer-appreciation gifts. Sell them to raise money for your cause or hand them out at your events for maximum exposure. Schools, colleges, day camps and sleep-away camps can also build brand loyalty by handing them out at the beginning or end of sessions.

How Will You Create a Connection?

In addition to businesses, organizations and corporations using promotional water bottles as giveaways, these items are quite effective school store items. Doubling as branding tools, custom water bottles with educational institutions' names and mascots are extremely popular among students, parents, faculty and staff. Offer a selection of water bottles with targeted messages on them in addition to your name and mascot. They not only turn a profit for your school, college or university but also create hype and build a sense of loyalty and belonging. That's the kind of connection that you can't put a price on.

Whom Are You Marketing To?

Promotional water bottles are ideal for a wide variety of companies and organizations. Across an array of different industries, recipients can find use for them, giving you the opportunity to build your brand no matter your niche. In addition to the everyday businesses, here are a few specific groups that promotional water bottles work well for too:

Fitness & Sports

Gyms, yoga centers, diet facilities and sports clubs are missing out on a huge opportunity if they are not buying water bottles with their logo. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to keep water on them to stay hydrated. These items fit perfectly into such a lifestyle. Not only are they wanted but actually needed as well.

You can use promotional water bottles as gifts to loyal members or even employees and staff. They make great incentives to gain new memberships or encourage members to sign contracts for a certain amount of time.

Choose a sports bottle so that recipients can easily access the water with just one hand, making for a less clumsy work-out. Plastic is typically lighter than other materials like aluminum or stainless steel. Look for one that is BPA-free as these are durable, lightweight and typically resistant to stains and odors.


The healthcare industry is facing more and more competition. Doctors' offices, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities need to get the word out about their brands to stay competitive in today's market. Hand out promotional water bottles to promote a healthy lifestyle to patients, visitors and even staff.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple giveaway to make employees and staff feel appreciated. When they feel appreciated, their overall disposition at work can improve, which will transfer to their patient care. Take advantage of this by giving them something they can use throughout their long work day.

In an environment like a busy hospital, for example, it's hard to stop and get a bite to eat or a glass of water. Give nurses, doctors, PAs and other medical staff large promotional water bottles to keep with them and stay hydrated all day. Patients and visitors will also appreciate your parting gift to remind them to take care of themselves long after they leave your facility. You can even sell your branded water bottles in your gift store.


Think outside your standard reusable water bottle for your travel-loving audience. Canteens and collapsible bottles are perfect for camping and backpacking, even hiking. They save room and allow you to bring water with you at all times.

Also consider promotional water bottles that can attach to a belt loop or fit well in a pack or cup holder for easy travel. While sports caps are good for single-handed use, during travel water bottles often get thrown around a lot so your recipients might appreciate a more reliably leak-proof cap. Screw tops and pop tops are less likely to leak or open accidentally on their own.

For this group especially, BPA-free is important. Aluminum, stainless steel, and certain plastic bottles are your best bet. If you find a great water bottle that is exactly what you're looking for but are unsure if it's BPA-free, just ask! It may in fact be BPA-free even if there is no clear marking on the bottle itself.

Construction workers need to stay hydrated, especially in the hot summer months. If you are in the construction industry or cater to it, water bottles should definitely be your top choice for promotional products.

Choose something that will be easy to open but will also keep the mouthpiece clean. On a construction site, there could be dust and debris flying around that you don't want to contaminate the mouthpiece of the water bottle, so a hide-away straw or screw top is probably best. Though screw tops are the safest option, they take both hands to open and may not be the most convenient. Hide-away straws can pop up in a one-handed effort but also conceal the straw when not in use so that it stays protected.

Collapsible water bottles are not the best choice for the construction industry. Look for a more sturdy bottle that can withstand a volatile environment. Again, BPA-free would be a good choice for this audience.

What Should You Know About Promotional Water Bottles?

No matter what you're promoting or who you're marketing to, there are still a few facts that you should know about promotional water bottles in general:

1) They are green. Reusable water bottles are eco-friendly simply because you can reuse them. Each year, about 4 billion pounds of PET plastic water bottles end up in landfills or as roadside litter. You can help your customers and the environment with reusable water bottles. It's good for the earth, and it saves them money on unnecessary bottled water.

2) They can come with unique features. Many promotional water bottles are more than just water bottles; they can be used as infusers, offer insulation or even filtration. Great for an on-the-go lifestyle, these items may be a bit pricier than ones without such properties, so weight cost versus the benefit to your audience.

3) They offer a variety of imprint options. Do you want a single imprint? How about a wrap-around? Or your logo on the cap and the bottle? In general, plastic bottles offer more imprint options than aluminum or stainless steel, but there are some exceptions. If there is a particular bottle you love that doesn't seem to offer the imprint you want, double-check with us; it might just be possible.

4) They are not all dishwasher-safe. Many, but not all, promotional water bottles are dishwasher safe. This is something you should consider when picking out your water bottles. Will your target audience be less likely to repeatedly use a bottle they have to hand-wash? Or will recipients appreciate the features of non-dishwasher-safe water bottles, such as the double-wall?

5) They are not all BPA-free. We keep saying, "BPA-free," but what does that mean? BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is a chemical found in some polycarbonate plastics like those used to make certain kinds of promotional water bottles. BPA can be released into the contents of the bottle if the plastic experiences extreme hot or extreme cold (for example, in the car overnight). If your water bottles are intended for extreme temperatures, choose from our BPA-free collection.

Now that we've got the basics covered, do you feel like you know exactly which promotional water bottle you want? Got the material, top, size and imprint style that's perfect for your audience? If not, don't sweat it. We can help you narrow it down. Our promotional consultants have years of experience and are happy to share their extensive knowledge base with you to guide you toward the best possible promotional water bottles. Call us at 1-800-525-9600 for answers to any further questions you might have. Or, if this guide has been so helpful that you know exactly what it is you want, call us to place your order!

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