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How to Shop When You're in a Rush

Chances are if you're searching for rush products, you've got a deadline that's approaching and fast. This guide was written to assist you in finding a product that will get there quickly and without the hassle. We'll help you find gorgeous promo rush items that are high-quality and arrive on-time.

How fast do you need it?

There are several different ways to rush your order, but one of the easiest ways to browse if you've got a time limit is by production time. When it comes to rushing a product, you have four choices:

1 day production

2 day production

3 day production

5 day production

Therefore, if you know you need your giveaways by a specific day, it might be wise to search by how long production will take. Please consider the following guidelines:

  • Motivators requires artwork in the form of straight line copy, a vectored EPS file or a vectored AI file
  • Rush production is contingent upon what time you place your order and approve your proof; therefore, in some cases one additional day may be required for proofing and processing
  • You have a few options for imprinting your giveaways: one-color screen print, debossing, or laser engraving
  • You may only print at one location, and usually with only one color
  • You must approve the art within the time period requested on your proof; If you don't approve your proof on time, your order may not arrive on the date that you have requested
  • It's recommended that you add a second point of contact to your order
  • If a problem arises with your order, a representative will contact you as soon as possible
  • Note: Motivators lists production time, but be sure to take processing, proofing and shipping time into consideration, as well
  • Transit time is not included in production time; shipping can be expedited upon request

Narrowing down your search in this manner will help save you time later.

What type of giveaway are you looking for?

Sometimes you have an idea of what sort of handout you're looking for from the get-go. For instance, you may know you want a customized mug or a promo keychain. If this sounds like you, then consider first finding the main menu of rush items available and then browsing by product category. This way, you can weed out all the products you're not interested in from the start, leaving you with only viable options.

Sometimes you don't know what type of handout you want, but you know what it will be used for (a trade show or corporate holiday party, for example). If that's the case for you, navigate to the main menu of products that can be rushed, and click on the applicable links. For example, you'll find there is a page specifically for trade show giveaways that can be rushed and an additional page for rush production corporate gifts. Again, using this strategy can help save even more time.

Notice the icons?

While you're browsing, keep an eye out for certain icons that will help you find products that can be rushed. For instant access to all items that can be rushed, click on the "In a Rush?" image at the top of our home page. This will take you to hundreds of rush promos organized by category and theme.

Another picture to look out for can be found on specific product pages. If a product is eligible for rush production, you'll notice a swiveling icon just below the "Add to Cart" button. This button will tell you how fast your item can be rushed, and it can be clicked for more details.

Even if you're on the strictest of deadlines, you can get your giveaway the way you want it when you need it. Our promotional consultants are eager to work with you and help you create "Branding Opportunities that Work!" And if you want your products even faster, Motivators offers expedited shipping as well. And remember, if you need to rush one item but not the others, just leave us a note in the cart! We'll get you what you need, when you need it.

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