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Logo Keychains Buying Guide

With so many options in logo key chains, it may be difficult to narrow down your search. As you shop, keep your target audience fresh in your mind. Put yourself in their shoes and try to determine how they will be using these items. Will they be used on house keys? Car keys? Travel? Maybe even for buildings with dozens of rooms? Once you have an idea of the intended use, you can start narrowing down the selection by factors like material, type and special features.


Plastic: Plastic key chains and tags are lightweight and inexpensive. They are ideal for small budgets. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, you can customize them with not just your logo but a fun design to suit your industry as well. The flexible plastic is also durable and will withstand the test of time.

Metal: This material is slightly heavier than most other key chain materials. Metal's natural luster makes it stand out and get noticed. Also available in creative shapes, metal key chains can add a level of sophistication to your branding campaign. You can even choose a variety of plated colors or just standard, shiny metal.

Wood: Wood key chains can be laser engraved or printed. They combine the elegance of metal with the lightweight qualities of plastic, giving you a unique item that will hold up over time. Look for interesting, industry-specific wood key chains or simple tags for a more general approach.

Leather: Though slightly pricier than other materials, leather boasts style and class. This material provides a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Available in novelty or standard shapes and sizes as well as a variety of colors, they offer a whole range of possibilities to suit any audience.


Key chains seem pretty standard, but there are actually a wide assortment of different types of key chains you can get: tags, carabiners, dog tags and even novelty key chains. Classic key tags are most common, but don't neglect the other options.

Carabiners: These key chains are lightweight yet durable metal loops designed for one-handed operation. Ideal for carrying a collection of key rings, carabiners hook easily on belt loops or utility bags. They are not intended for pockets or purses due to their size, but instead are useful contraptions for carting around a lot of keys on one convenient loop.

Dog Tags: Dog tags can be used as key chains or even jewelry. Many people enjoy sprucing up an outfit with unique dog tag necklaces. They are both sturdy and light, making them ideal for getting knocked around on an everyday key chain.

Novelty: With tons of special features, novelty key chains are the ultimate in fun key accessories. These items are useful on a multitude of levels. They are more specific in function, though, so be sure to keep your target audience in mind when choosing the type of novelty key chain to buy.

Special Features

Special features are often found on novelty key chains that cater to specific audiences. Here are a few options you'll see:

Though specific to the auto industry and ideal for auto shops, car dealerships, etc., key chains make useful and effective giveaways for any industry. Just remember to always keep your target audience in mind when buying key chains with your logo. Think about how they will use these items. For example, if they will be used on car keys, avoid heavy key chains that dangle and instead maybe consider a valet tag for easy pull-apart; if they will be used on house keys, avoid bulky novelty key chains that won't easily fit in pockets and purses and instead maybe consider a key light to help them find the key hole in the dark. Most importantly, look for attributes that your audience will appreciate and find useful.

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