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Picking Political Products for Election Season

There are many different reasons to hand out political products before or during election season. Maybe you want to support a specific candidate, or perhaps you just want to encourage others to get out and vote. Whatever you do, using giveaways is a fantastic way to get your message heard. Consider the following points, and picking political products will be simple!

Promoting your favorite candidate?

Often times, political products are used in order to show support for a specific politician. Whether you're persuading the public to vote for your favorite presidential nominee or promoting a candidate in a local election, giveaways can make a big difference. Promotional items like pens and bumper stickers are extremely popular for any election. Imprint your giveaways with a candidate's name and be sure to include what position he or she is running for. Recipients will proudly display your political products, helping to raise awareness for your political aspirant.

Endorsing a specific party?

If you don't have a particular candidate in mind but want to support your political party, there are several items you'll want to look at. Motivators' lapel pins, for example, are available in donkey and elephant shapes that communicate devotion to either party. Our stress relievers also come in these shapes.

If you don't love either category of products, no worries! Any of our promotional items can be imprinted with your political party's symbol or message.

Encouraging others to vote?

In America, voting is considered a privilege. According to the Washington Post, only about 129 million voters turned out for the 2012 election -- down by about 2 million votes from 2008. That means only 61 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots.

If your goal is to get even more U.S. citizens out of their homes and into voting booths, consider handing out patriotic promo items. Your giveaways don't have to lean either way politically. Imprint patriotic promotional giveaways -- like America-themed calendars and stickers -- with a nonpartisan message about the importance of voting, and your audience is sure to respond well.

Will your giveaways work?

A recent Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) survey revealed that political promos are, in fact, very effective. According to ASI, "more than two-thirds (67.4%) of respondents have taken an action as a result of receiving a promotional item, with more than half visiting a candidate's website." Furthermore, almost 25 percent of Democrats who have received a promotional product donate money, highlighting how important these giveaways can be to a campaign's fundraising efforts. Perhaps most importantly, the ASI survey discovered that 24 percent of females and 34 percent of males are likely to vote for a particular candidate after receiving a promotional giveaway.

Politics can be confusing, but your message will be heard loud and clear when you choose giveaways from Motivators. The questions above have hopefully helped you narrow down your options. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to give our knowledgeable promotional consultants a call at (800) 525-9600 or chat with us online. We're excited to help you create political products that will get noticed.

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