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Picking Promo Products for Pets & Pet Parents

We all love our pets. In fact, they are not just "pets" to us but members of the family or even our children. In the United States alone there are over 78 million dogs and 86 million cats who have found homes. With so many beloved animals becoming part of the family, it makes perfect sense to use branded pet products as effective branding tools.

From products that are specifically for pets and their humans to products that are shaped like pets and the things they love, these items are a huge hit among pet-lovers. Whether useful or just plain fun, displaying your logo on these types of materials is sure to go over well with your target audience.

Who Should Hand Out Pet Promos?

While pet promos are perfect for companies and organizations in the pet industry, they are not limited to this industry alone. There are various pet-shaped products or cute and cuddly calendars, etc. that dog- and cat-lovers would enjoy even if they are not in the pet industry.

And for those of you who are in the pet industry, promotional products that cater to pets and their humans offer unlimited brand-building potential. Here are a few ideas:

Veterinarian Offices

Every pet parent seeks reputable and affordable healthcare for our furry friends. New pet owners may not know which veterinary hospital to go to at first, so Vets can use these products to create a buzz about your facility. Hand them out at events that pets or pet-lovers are likely to attend. You can even partner with local pet stores and animal shelters, asking them to include your giveaways in their take-home package at purchase or adoption.

Pet health pocket sliders, canine care wheels, first aid kits and reflective tags are ideal for keeping at the front desk and giving to newcomers at the end of a visit to remind them to keep their pets safe. Create a welcome package for your new patients to take home with them or a thank you package for your loyal customers.


We love seeing our pets nice and clean when we pick them up from the groomer. For a special touch, why not tie a bandana with your name, contact information and logo around their necks? Clients will love how adorable their pets look and have a keepsake to help you build your brand loyalty.

Groomers could also hand out pet brushes, collars and more. Give people something to remember you and help you stand out from all the other groomers in town. You could even send your clients home with a small package of treats in a promotional plastic baggie. Let them leave with warm feelings about your facility and knowledge that their pets are in good hands with you.

Pet Supply Stores

Sure pet supply stores will sell all of the necessities that pet parents want and love, but giving customers that something extra puts your shop ahead of the rest. Low prices, great customer service and a wide selection of products is what is going to help you get people in the door, but what helps you keep them coming is that little something extra like a free gift with purchase.

Clickers and whistles, leashes and collars, even clear treat baggies make a big impression when they are given to customers for free. You can include these items as gifts with purchase or use them as spending incentives. In addition, products like pet-shaped coasters and stress relievers, tote bags, canned food lids, scoops and more make great giveaways for events like trade shows, new product launches and fundraisers.

Dog Trainers

Especially for trainers who use clicker-based training, dog clickers are an ideal giveaway. They are useful and essential to the training, so why not hand them out at the first class? Other items like bandanas, ribbons, leashes and more can be given to "students" upon completion of each training course.

People often like to stick with dog trainers that they feel a connection with. One way to establish that personal connection is to make the experience itself more personal and offer custom pet products that they will find useful. Build your brand and customer base at the same time - the more they like you, the more likely they will be to pass your information and recommendation along to others, and the more clients you will gain.

Boarding & Daycare Facilities

Pet parents want to know that their pets are safe and well cared for in their absence. Show your customers how much you care about their pets' well-being by offering products to help keep them happy and healthy. Folding dog bowls and water bottles are great for the traveling dog, while promotional towels help keep them clean and dry. Cat toys and brushes show clients that their pets have not just been cared for but interacted with as well.

You can use pet promos for first-time visitors or as incentives to come back a certain number of times or stay a certain number of days/nights. You can choose fun items like Frisbees and toys or go for the practical items like leashes and travel bowls. Either way, your clients will appreciate the fact that you care enough about their pets to give them something they can use regularly.

Animal Shelters, Pet Stores & Breeders

When someone adopts or purchases a pet, that person might not come back often simply because one pet is enough for now. But as time goes by, you want to build some loyalty and have people coming to you the next time they are looking to buy or adopt. More importantly, you want those people to help spread the word to others seeking pets.

Word of mouth goes a long way. One great way to get people talking about you is with promotional pet products. Upon adoption or purchase, give them a pet-parent package with essentials like dog cleanup bags, bowls, wellness kits, antibacterial items, leashes, how-to pamphlets and more. Your helpfulness will not be forgotten.

What if I'm on a Budget?

The great thing about pet promos is that they include a wide range of products. For businesses just starting out or those with tight budgets, choose small but useful items. You can find a large selection of products for under a dollar. And given how effective these items are at building brand awareness and loyalty, even the smallest budget can see the benefit. For those in the pet industry, you can't afford not to use giveaways that keep your clients (and their humans) happy.

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