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Picking Your Promo Hats: Where to Begin

Hats and caps make fantastic giveaways for a few reasons: they're highly visible, they help protect recipients' eyes from the sun, and they're easy to customize. And while having so many options to choose from is certainly a plus, it's also somewhat of a drawback; you may be looking at our vast selection of hats and wondering where to begin. This guide will help you ascertain which headgear is right for your company, your customers, and your look. Ask yourself the following questions, and you'll be well on your way to a purchase you can be proud of:

Does comfort count?

Not every hat offers the same level of comfort. For example, there's a big difference between unstructured and structured caps. Structured hats are built in a way that there will always be some space between certain parts of the hat and the wearer's head. However, caps that are unstructured do not feature that same characteristic; instead, unstructured hats fit snugly to all points of the wearer's head.

Of course, some people find unstructured hats to be more comfortable while others prefer the looser feel of structured caps. If comfort really counts to your customers, ask them which fit they prefer before ordering. After all, they're going to be the ones wearing your new giveaways.

What imprint method will you use?

Our hats are broken down into two major imprint methods -- embroidered and screen printed. When an item is embroidered, thread is stitched into it to create the desired look. Often times embroidered hats last longer than screen printed ones because there's no potential for losing ink.

If you choose to screen print your design or logo onto your promo hat, you will have more flexibility when it comes to design. It's not as limited as embroidery, so if you've got a detailed logo this might be the best route for you. Screen printing is also very affordable.

Are you eco-friendly?

If your store or business prides itself on being environmentally-conscious -- whether you sell organic fruits and veggies or items made from recycled paper -- then you'll be happy to know that there are several eco-friendly hats to choose from. These caps are green in a variety of ways: some are recycled, a few are organic, and still others are made from natural bamboo material. Giving out environmentally-friendly hats and caps will help reiterate to customers how important conservation is to you and your company.

Low on cash?

For many of us, our decision to purchase usually comes down to the money. But if you know from the get-go that you're low on cash, you might want to browse through the selection of visors available for under $1. While you're limited as to what kind of hat you can distribute for such a low price, there are plenty of other ways to make it your own. Select a style, color, and imprint that fits your company's look and you can easily create a low-cost hat you'll love.

Yes, there are many, many promo hats and caps to choose from. But if you ask yourself these questions, you can begin to find the right product for you and your intended audience. Remember, the right hat can be worn for years, providing brilliant brand exposure, so choose carefully!

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