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Promoting Your Brand with Food


Virtually everyone enjoys a nice snack at a busy trade show or a beautiful food basket every now and then. In addition to everyday events, you can take advantage of food-industry events and the highly targeted audience such occasions bring.

Promotional food items appeal to a broad range of people in every demographic; the type of food that's best to use, however, will vary by audience. For example, gum and candy may go over well with children and young adults while a more matured audience might enjoy something like decadent chocolates or meat and cheese gift sets.

What, Where & When?

You have tons of options when it comes to distributing promotional food items. Here are just a few ideas:

Bottled Water is great for events like walks and runs. Hand them out to participants at the start or as they cross the finish line. You can customize the label on the bottle so that people become more and more familiar with your brand name with every sip.

Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Tea items are ideal for distributing at chilly outdoor events like parades, high school sporting games or even marching band competitions. Keep warm water on hand so that your recipients can get use of these items right then and there.

Gumball Machines, Candy Jars & Food Tins make great giveaways at Bar and Bat-Mitzvahs or Sweet 16s. Use them as seating placements or party favors. They're perfect for all ages and even make noise to attract attention.

Popcorn, Gift Baskets/Towers & Chocolates can be used as corporate gifts for your most prestigious clients. These higher-end products can be raffled off around the office, used as employee incentives or even passed out as employee appreciation or holiday food gifts.

Mints Tins, Cookies, Nuts & Snack Bags among other food items are very effective for trade shows. They help draw in the crowd and make a lasting impression. Your booth or exhibit will be sought out once everyone hears about your delicious handouts, giving your brand optimal exposure.


Food appeals to all five senses. It's something tangible that you can see, touch and even sometimes hear, just like any other promotional product. The difference between promotional food products and other giveaways is that you can also smell and taste them, giving food the upper hand on enticement.

Food has the ability to lure people to you at events like trade shows and fundraisers. It's also ideal for handing out as a gift with purchase if you run a brick and mortar store or at fundraisers and corporate outings like company picnics and holiday parties. Sending branded food gifts to your clients or even your employees always makes a good impression as well.

The one flaw of food is that it's fleeting. While people will remember the fact that you gave them something they thoroughly enjoyed, wrappers and containers often get thrown away and forgotten years later. That's why it's always best to consistently build your brand.

Either give out food items year after year or pair them with everyday giveaways for a one-time promotion. At a trade show, for example, draw people in with the food products but also give them a more permanent giveaway like a promotional pen or keychain that they will get daily use out of long after the food has gone. That way, everybody wins.

Why choose promotional food for your branding efforts? The bigger question really is: why not?

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